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The New Mexico Access to Justice Commission, as a commission of the New Mexico Supreme Court, sets priorities for civil legal providers around the state, makes recommendations to the Supreme Court to improve court services, and troubleshoots legal service issues statewide as they arise. The ATJ Commission regularly provides information about issues important to civil legal needs in New Mexico in the Bar Bulletin to keep members of the bar up-to-date.
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"Well-Being? Me, Solo/Small Firm Gal-Guy? Who Are You Kidding? I Don't Have Time for "Me", or Well-Being!!!"by Briggs CheneyTRUE OR FALSE: Solo/Small Firm (SSF) lawyers don’t have the time or the luxury of thinking about their own wellbeing? It would not be unfair to call that a trick question. It would also not be unfair to say there is no wrong answer to the question.I tire of buzz words and phrases, and while it is a little disingenuous (another word I don’...
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Do you have federal student loans? In March 2020, the federal government suspended all loan payments and set interest rates to 0% on federal student loans. This federal student loan forbearance ends on MAY 1, 2022.What do I need to do now to get ready to resume payments on my student loans? Update your contact information on both your loan servicer’s website and on your profile. Check to see if the repayment plan you were enrolled in prior to federal student loan forbearance...
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Dear State Bar of New Mexico Members,The State Bar of New Mexico’ s Committee on Diversity in the Legal Profession has reported on the status of diverse members in the legal profession for several decades now. More recently, our Committee on Women and the Legal Profession began reporting on the status of women attorneys. As we progress as a community and commit ourselves to equal access to justice in our profession, we see the need for specific programming and education to address ine...
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Two new attorneys were inducted into the Roehl Circle of Honor. The Circle of Honor is named after the late Joseph E. Roehl who is known as one of the premier trial lawyers of our generation. New inductees are welcomed into the circle each year to honor his memory and commitment to the trial lawyer community.Lisa Curtis, Jerry Roehl, and Ned ShepherdLisa Curtis is the founding partner of Curtis & Co. Law Firm. For 28 years, Lisa has prosecuted negligent and reckless corporations, people, ins...
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From its inception in 2020, the New Mexico Well-Being Committee has maintained that it’s time for a culture change in the legal community; one that supports, encourages, and provides resources for its members’ well-being. But it’s not a one-size-fits-all; not at the individual lawyer level, nor at the community level. Indeed, there are many different sub-communities within the larger legal community, each with its own needs and perspectives on well-being. Thus, the Committee is...
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