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Children's Law Section





About the Children's Law Section

The general purpose of the Section shall be the promotion of the objectives of the State Bar of New Mexico within the particular fields designated by the name of this Section. To that end, it shall be the purposes of this Section:
A. To promote the legal interests of children and youth by improving the legal system and the administration of justice as it pertains to youth and children.
B. To improve the relationship of children and youth with the legal system by promoting and assisting in the delivery of highly effective legal services to children and youth in all appropriate venues.
C. To promote and maintain high standards of integrity, education and competency for attorneys providing legal services to children and youth.
D. To identify opportunities for and promote participation by attorneys in pro bono services for children and youth.
E. To provide a forum for the discussion of matters relating to the practice, development and reform of areas of law which impact on the well-being of children.
F. To promote and provide continuing legal education in technical fields of substantive law and other disciplines directly related to providing effective legal services to children and youth.
G. To encourage law students to explore opportunities for practice in the area of children's law.
H. To participate in legislative, executive and judicial processes by informing Section members about issues affecting children, youth and the legal system relating to the purposes of the Section. Upon approval of the Board of the Section, such further action shall be taken as may be necessary to present the views of the Section to the appropriate court, executive office or legislative body for consideration.

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