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Annual License Renewal: Rule 24-102 NMRA

Licensing fees and certifications must be completed annually by Feb. 1 to avoid non-compliance and related fees. After February 1, you will be assessed a late fee of $275.00.

*Active mandatory fees include an Active license fee (Rule 24-102 NMRA), NM Disciplinary Board fee (Rule 17-203(A) NMRA) and Client Protection Fund assessment fee (Rule 17A-003(B) NMRA).*

License Renewal

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Licensing Process Checklist

Note: This page is meant to give members a broad overview of the licensing process and requirements directly after admission and beyond. More information about all the requirements listed below, including the corresponding rules, can be found in the rest of the Member Handbook.


The Board of Bar Examiners (an agency of the Supreme Court) administers the bar exam and processes applications for admission. Board of Bar Examiners website:

Year of Admission

  • Notify the State Bar of Address of Record
  • Receive Bar Card from State Bar of New Mexico including the attorney’s Bar number and CAID number.
  • No MCLE Requirements
  • Receive Paper License from Supreme Court of New Mexico

Note: Members who have not been previously admitted in another jurisdiction are not required to pay licensing fees for the year in which they are admitted in New Mexico. Members admitted in another jurisdiction prior to the year they are admitted in New Mexico must pay a licensing fee at the time of admission.

First Calendar Year After Admission

  • Complete Licensing Form and Certifications
  • Complete MCLE Requirements
    • Bridge the Gap Mentorship: Members who have not practiced for at least two years in another jurisdiction must complete the Bridge the Gap Mentorship Program and will receive required CLE credit as part of the program.
    • Members who have been admitted on motion through Reciprocity must complete the required number of CLE credits.

All Following Years

  • Complete Licensing Form and Certifications (as listed above)
  • Complete MCLE Requirements (as listed above)