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Court Notices

Second Judicial District Court's Court Clinic Golden Anniversary Ceremony

The Second Judicial District Court’s Court Clinic will be celebrating its golden anniversary on September 29, 2023. For 50 years, the Court Clinic has been helping families by facilitating communication and assessing and making suggestions to improve and repair family relationships.
The Court Clinic provides specialized services for families involved in domestic relations cases, most often divorces that involve children. The Clinic provides mediation that goes beyond simply dividing property. Court Clinicians help the parents negotiate mutually agreeable terms for co-parenting their children and help parents learn techniques to ensure children are insulated, left out of any conflict, and ensure that they thrive in a different familial structure.

Often the Court asks the Clinic to gather information from the important individuals in a child’s life. The court clinicians may talk to people at the children’s schools or get reports from doctors or therapists. Some parents and children may be asked to come into the courthouse so clinicians can view how they interact with one another in the clinic’s observation room.

Tim Reed, the Court Clinical Director, states that “the Court Clinic helps New Mexico families who come to Family Court at one of the most difficult times a family can face and when the best interests of children are being addressed. Clinic mediation and consultation services address complex family and individual issues with respect, fairness and cultural sensitivity.”

After conducting the evaluation, the clinician is called to testify and may make recommendations to the judge. For example, if there is evidence of possible substance abuse or behavioral health concerns, the Clinic may propose that a parent receive a drug or alcohol assessment or other services that will support the family’s specific needs. “When families and children are involved, court proceedings should never be about winning but how families can heal and move forward in a healthy way that is truly best for children”, said Chief Judge Marie Ward. “The Court Clinic is a valuable resource for our community and the families we serve.”

A Ceremony is planned for Friday, September 29, 2023, beginning at 2:30 pm, at the Bernalillo County Courthouse, 400 Lomas Boulevard, Courtroom 416, Albuquerque, NM 87102, followed by a reception in the fourth-floor atrium.

Notice of Judicial Compensation Commission Meeting

The NewMexico Judicial Compensation Commission will meet virtually on Tuesday, Sept. 26, 2023, to finalize its report and recommendations to the 2024 Legislature for a possible salary increase for state court judges. The meeting begins at 9 a.m. and will be live streamed on the New Mexico Courts YouTube channel and conducted virtually as a Zoom meeting. More information, including the meeting agenda, is available at the Judiciary’s website.

Eighth Judicial District Court - Notice of Mass Case Reassignments

Eighth Judicial District Court Chief Judge Emilio J. Chavez provides notice that as a result of the appointment of Judge Steven A. Romero to Division II of the Eighth Judicial District, the Court is re-assigning all Division II Judge cases to Judge Steven A. Romero effective Sept. 16.  Pursuant to Supreme Court Rule 1.088.1 parties who have not yet exercised a peremptory excusal will have 10 days from Sept. 16 to excuse Judge Romero.

U.S. District Court, District of New Mexico - Increase to Per Page Transcript Fee Rate

At its September 2022 session, the Judicial Conference approved a significant increase to the maximum per page original and copy transcript fee rates, effective October 1, 2023 (see attached chart). The increase of roughly 10 percent in each of the fiscal years 2024

and 2025, or roughly 20 percent overall, is aimed at keeping pace with inflation and helping courts recruit and retain qualified court reporters. The Guide to Judiciary Policy, Volume 6 (Guide), and transcript fee schedule on will be updated to reflect these changes. 

The District of New Mexico has adopted the proposed schedule of per page transcript fees, subject to the maximum rates established by the Judicial Conference. Transcripts ordered prior to the court’s adoption of a new fee schedule should be billed at the rates in effect at the time the order was placed with the court reporter.

New Original and Copy Transcript Fee Rates 
(Effective Fiscal Years 2024 and 2025)

Original Transcript Rates

Transcript Types Original Rates Increased Rate Fiscal Year 2024 Increased Rate Fiscal Year 2025
Ordinary Transcript
$3.65 $4.00 $4.40
14-Day Transcript $4.25 $4.70 $5.10
Expedited Transcript
$4.85 $5.35 $5.85
3-Day Transcript $5.45 $6.00 $6.55
Daily Transcript $6.05 $6.70 $7.30
Hourly Transcript $7.25 $8.00 $8.70
Realtime Transcript One feed, $3.05 per page; two-to-four feeds, $2.10 per page; five or more feeds, $1.50 per page. One feed, $3.40; two-to-four feeds, $2.35; five or more feeds, $1.65. One feed, $3.70; two-to-four feeds, $2.55; five or more feeds, $1.80.


Copy Rates

Transcript Types First Copy Increased First Copy Fiscal Year 2024 Increased First Copy Fiscal Year 2025                   Addt'l Copy Increased Addt'l Copy Fiscal Year 2024 Increased Addt'l Copy Fiscal Year 2025
Ordinary Transcript $.90 $1.00 $1.10   $.60 $.70 $.75
14-Day Transcript $.90 $1.00 $1.10   $.60 $.70 $.75

Expedited Transcript

$.90 $1.00 $1.10   $.60 $.70 $.75
3-Day Transcript $1.05 $1.20 $1.30   $.75 $.85 $.90
Daily Transcript $1.20 $1.35 $1.45   $.90 $1.00 $1.10
Hourly Transcript $1.20 $1.35 $1.45   $.90 $1.00 $1.10
Realtime Transcript n/a n/a n/a   n/a n/a n/a




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