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Pro Bono Opportunities-New Mexico State Bar Foundation

Pro Bono Opportunities

The New Mexico State Bar Foundation’s Legal Services programs for the public provide opportunities for pro bono service including the Volunteer Attorney Pool of the Modest Means Helpline (MMH) and Legal Resources for the Elderly Program (LREP), as well as the American Bar Association’s Free Legal Answers.  Learn more about these programs below.

Volunteer Attorney Pool

Please consider volunteering with the Modest Means Helpline (MMH)and Legal Resources for the Elderly Program (LREP) volunteer attorney pool.  The MMH is a free civil legal helpline which gives advice on topics including, but not limited to, domestic relations, landlord-tenant, and small business issues for New Mexico residents with income at or below 500% of the federal poverty guidelines.  LREP is a free civil legal helpline which serves New Mexico residents 55 or older.   If a caller needs more than the legal advice provided by MMH and LREP, the caller may be referred to the volunteer attorney pool for limited pro bono representation, or reduced-fee or full-fee representation, depending on the circumstances and income of the caller.  All referrals to the volunteer attorney pool are screened to ensure that the caller has a valid legal issue that would benefit from direct legal representation.

How Does the Attorney Pool Work?

If you sign up for the volunteer attorney pool, you will receive periodic emails describing cases in which attorneys are needed and the exact service for which an attorney is requested. If you aren’t interested, or don’t have time to help, you simply ignore the email.  If you are interested in helping, simply respond to the email, and we will send the parties’ contact information so you can do a conflict check.  If no conflict exists, we send over the client’s information.   It’s that simple!

For any pro bono case referred by MMH or LREP, the NM State Bar Foundation will provide malpractice insurance for the pro bono services provided on that case.

MMH and LREP work with New Mexico Legal Aid’s Volunteer Attorney Pool to provide services to low-income residents of our state.  If you sign up for the MMH/LREP volunteer attorney pool, you are also entered into the NMLA VAP.  If you do not want to be on the NMLA VAP, simply let staff of MMH or LREP know when you sign up.

Earn CLE Credit for Your Volunteer Attorney Pool Cases

Volunteer attorneys can earn up to 4 CLE self-study credits in exchange for pro bono services provided to clients referred by MMH or LREP.  One general credit is available for pro-bono attorneys who offer 3 hours of assistance to a client referred from MMH or LREP.  

How Do I Sign Up?

Simply complete the form found at the link and MMH/LREP staff will enter your information into our volunteer attorney database or call you if further information is needed.

Volunteer Attorney Registration Form

For More Information About MMH or LREP:


ABA Free Legal Answers

ABA Free Legal Answers is a virtual legal advice portal where qualifying users request legal advice about a specific legal issue and pro bono attorneys provide information and basic legal advice.  For more information, see our flyer:

Thank you for considering fulfilling your pro bono duties with the programs of the NM State Bar Foundation!