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Celebrate Constitution Day!

In the spirit of Constitution Day and to aid in the fulfillment of Public Law 108-447 Sec. 111 Division J - SEC. 111(b), the State Bar Young Lawyers Division organizes a public education program that provides participating New Mexico fifth-grade classes with an educational lesson from a New Mexico attorney about the U.S. Constitution. Educators and students will be provided Constitution booklets to keep as well! 

Constitution Day commemorates the formation and signing of the U.S. Constitution on Sept. 17, 1787 and we will celebrate virtually during the week of Sept. 14-18, 2020. Sign-up below to participate!

For Educators: 

Thank you for your interest in the YLD's Constitution Day program! Our volunteer attorneys look forward to adding your students to the 38,000 New Mexico fifth-graders that have been served during this program's lifetime.

This year, the presentations will be offered virtually. Virtual presentations can pre-recorded for individual viewing times. Or educators may request for virtual presentations for individual class (approximately 30 students), combined classes (between 30-60 students) or the entire fifth-grade (more than 60 students), depending upon the virtual classroom capacity. Please determine what works best for your schools needs prior to signing up.

Following sign-up, you will receive a confirmation email and the matching process will begin. You should expect to hear from your assigned volunteer attorney by Aug. 28. If you have not heard by this date, or if you have any other questions, please email or 505-797-6039.

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For Volunteer Attorneys: 

Thank you for earning pro bono hours by providing this valuable service to New Mexico's youth!

Constitution Day presentations are approximately one-hour in length and range in size from pre-recorded lessons or to individual classes/assemblies online. There is no set curriculum but sample lesson materials are provided to help develop the presentation (link below).

Please sign-up to volunteer by Friday, Aug. 28!

Following volunteer sign-up, you will receive a confirmation email and the matching process will begin. After you have been contacted with the assigned school's information, we hope you will reach out to the school to arrange a time for the presentation by Sept. 4.

Resources for Volunteers

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If you would like to share materials you have created for your Constitution Day presentation or if you have any questions please email Member Services at



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