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MCLE Rules, Deadlines, and Resources

Feb. 1: Complete prior year’s continuing education credits. After this date, any uncompleted aspect of compliance will incur a $275 late fee which will give you until April 30 to complete.

May 1: Any uncompleted aspect will cause a member's name to be sent to the Supreme Court and you risk a possible administrative suspension of your license.

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Every active State Bar of New Mexico member is required to complete 12 total hours of continuing legal education annually. Starting January 1, 2024, all credits may be self-study credits. Rule 18-204 NMRA See definition of self-study below.
2 hours must be ethics:
1 hour must be EIJ:
9 hours general:

Rollover Credits:
• Only 2 ethic credits can rollover into the next year.
• Only 1 EIJ credit can rollover into the next year.
• Up to 9 general credits can rollover into the next year.

Conversion Credits:
• Ethic credits will convert to general if needed to become compliant.
• EIJ credits will convert to general if needed to become compliant.
          Note: Credits will convert prior to rolling into the next year..

Self-Study definition:
• pre-recorded (On Demand, Video Replay)
• log-in at any time to view or listen.

Live Course definition:
• webcast
• teleconference
• in-person
• log-in at a set time
• ability to interact with a moderator in real-time.


Administrative Office of the District Attorneys
Albuquerque Bar Association
American Association for Justice (ALTA)
American Bar Association
American Immigration Lawyers Association
Center for American and International Law
CEU Institute
CJA-FED Public Defender District of New Mexico
CLE International
Comedian of Law
Corinne Wolfe Center for Child and Family Justice
D.C. Bar
Federal Public Defender
Law Seminars International
Lexis Nexis
Lorman Business Center LLC
National Association of College and University Attorneys
National Association of Attorneys General
National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
National Employment Law Institute
National Law Foundation
New Mexico Client Protection Fund
New Mexico Court Education Institute-Administrative Office of the Courts
New Mexico Criminal Defense Lawyers
New Mexico Defense Lawyers Association
New Mexico Department of Justice
New Mexico Law Office of the Public Defender
New Mexico Legal Aid/Volunteer Attorney Program
New Mexico Trial Lawyers Association & Foundation
NITA National Institute for Trial Advocacy
Office of the Second Judicial District Attorneys
Practising Law Institute
State Bar Foundation Center for Legal Education
Strafford Publications
The Foundation for Natural Resources and Energy Law
Third Judicial District Court - CSED
United States Attorneys Office District of NM
United States Department of Justice
University of New Mexico IPL
University of New Mexico Law School
West Legaled