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MCLE Rules, Deadlines, and Resources

December 31: Complete Continuing Legal Education credits

January 1: First extension fee period. $100 paid to MCLE buys 90 days to complete credits

April 1: Second extension fee period. An additional $250 paid to MCLE buys 30 days to complete credits

May 1: Names of attorneys lacking CLE credits and/or payment of extension fees are reported to the New Mexico Supreme Court for possible suspension

Every active State Bar of New Mexico member is required to complete 12 total hours of continuing legal education every year

2 hours must be ethics:

  • at least 8 hours must be LIVE credit
  • of these 12 hours, up to 4 hours may be self-study

LIVE Course definition:

  • webcast
  • teleconference
  • in-person
  • log-in at a set time
  • ability to interact with a moderator in real-time

Self-study definition:

  • only four per year
  • pre-recorded
  • log-in at any time to view or listen
  • cannot be used for a prior compliance period, cannot carry forward to a future compliance period



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