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About the New Mexico Young Lawyers Division






The Young Lawyers Division (YLD) of the State Bar of New Mexico was formed as a section in the early 1960s and was known as the Junior Bar. In 1978, the section became the YLD, which is an affiliate of the American Bar Association Young Lawyers Division. The mission of the YLD is to promote the integrity and respect of the legal profession, provide services and outreach to its members and support and encourage public service.

Membership in the Young Lawyers Division consists of all members of the State Bar of New Mexico in good standing who have been admitted to the practice of law in any state for ten (10) years or less. Membership shall begin on admission to practice in New Mexico and shall terminate automatically as of December 31 at the close of a member’s tenth year of practice in any state. A person who qualifies for membership in the Young Lawyers Division because that person has not been admitted to any state bar for more than ten (10) years shall not serve as an officer of the Young Lawyers Division if the service would extend more than ten (10) years beyond that person’s admission to any state bar. Read Rule 24-101 NMRA for more information

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