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Ethics Help

For Ethics Assistance, members can:
  • Request a phone consultation through the State Bar Ethics Helpline at (800) 326-8155. This helpline is a free and completely confidential risk management consultation service. Attorneys specializing in professional liability issues are available to discuss malpractice insurance coverage, risk management procedures, potential claims and claims repair, law office management, and ethical dilemmas. 
  • Contact the Professional Development Program at (505) 797-6079. This free, confidential service allows members to ask questions about their own prospective conduct as it may be impacted by or relates to the New Mexico Rules of Professional Conduct, and to inquire about best practices. Callers will be provided with suggestions as to things to consider, review, and research to help them navigate through an ethical or law practice management dilemma
  • Request an informal written opinion from the Ethics Advisory Committee by sending a letter to  State Bar Ethics Advisory Committee, c/o Professional Development Program, 5121 Masthead NE, Albuquerque, N.M. 87109.
  • Review formal ethics opinions issued by the Ethics Advisory Committee on a variety of topics by clicking on this link: Ethics Advisory Committee Formal Opinions