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Minimum Continuing Legal Education

Minimum Continuing Legal Education

Ensuring High Quality Legal Education

MCLE is a program mandated by New Mexico Supreme Court Rules 18-101 through 18-303 NMRA. MCLE compliance is required for every licensed member of the State Bar of New Mexico.

More Information About MCLE Requirements


Through the MCLE program the State Bar of New Mexico is committed to:

  • Providing exceptional customer service for members and course providers;
  • Certifying courses on relevant legal topics and emerging areas of law practice management;
  • Investing in new technology to assist members with reporting and tracking CLE credits; and
  • Encouraging modern training delivery methods.

Definition of MCLE Credit

Every active State Bar of New Mexico member is required to complete twelve (12) total hours of continuing legal education every year.

*NEW RULE FOR 2024 MCLE REQUIREMENTS* All 12 credit hours can now be LIVE courses or self-study, or a combination of both.

Beginning in compliance year 2024, attorneys can earn all 12 required credits using a self-study format. These courses, however, must be pre-approved by the State Bar. Due to this requirement, course providers must report these credits for you. This means, attorneys can no longer self-report self-study credits.

See Rule 18-204 (C) NMRA for more information on the self-study rule effective 2024.

C. Self-study credit. Self-study credits may be earned by participating in legal activities or
participating in previously recorded courses, providing the following conditions are met:
(2) Previously recorded courses. To be eligible for credit, the previously recorded course must
be pre-approved by the board and must include procedures and/or technology that allows the
course provider to independently verify an attorney’s attendance and attentiveness during the program. The attorney
seeking self-study credit must not previously have received self-study or live program credit for the same program.


*NEW RULE FOR 2024 MCLE REQUIREMENTS* At least 1 hour must be an Equity in Justice (EIJ) Credit

[1]  Equity in Justice content focuses on ensuring that all persons will be treated fairly under the laws of New Mexico and promotes full and equal participation by all in the profession through identifying and eliminating the effects of prejudice, bias, and racism. Addressing topics on race, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, and other issues of disparity and inequity will underscore and define how shortfalls can be addressed and dismantled.  The practice of law is a profession in service to others and members of the Bar must have a clear understanding of the changes that are needed to truly be in service to others.  The result of these changes will be equitable access to justice for the community and a more equitable Bar.

[2]  Equity in Justice CLEs can incorporate topics that are relevant to the practice of law such as: implicit and explicit bias, systemic and structural oppression; equal access to justice; competent representation of diverse populations; diversity and inclusion initiatives in the legal profession; recognition, mitigation, or elimination of bias in the legal profession or the legal system; anti-racism; cultural competency in the practice of law or the administration of justice; and the historical and contemporary context of all of the preceding issues. Effective CLE content will include education as well as promote discussion and reflection. Instructors or lecturers must be either attorneys or judges with content expertise or other experts in the subject area based on their education and background.

See Rule 18-201 NMRA for more information on Equity in Justice credits. 


At least 2 hours must be Ethics (EP) Credits


LIVE Course definition:

  • webcast
  • teleconference
  • in-person
  • log-in at a set time
  • ability to interact with a moderator in real-time

Self-study definition:

  • pre-recorded
  • log-in at any time to view or listen

More Information About MCLE Requirements

On September 1, 2018, the State Bar assumed administration of the Minimum Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) program. Review the NMSC Order. We are excited about this opportunity to improve services and help shape legal education for New Mexico attorneys.

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