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New Mexico Judicial Wellness Program

New Mexico Judicial Wellness Program

In recognizing the challenges in these unprecedented times and taking into account the results of the 2019 Judicial Survey, the State Bar of New Mexico Well-Being Committee created a Judicial Well-Being Sub-Committee in August, 2020.  The Judicial Well-Being Sub-Committee immediately focused on bringing some much needed hope, support, encouragement and education to the NM Judicial Community by creating JWell Now.

JWell Now is the proactive part of an overall Judicial Wellness Program that focuses on and brings attention to the importance of judicial self-care through education in various formats and vehicles of proliferation, support groups, outreach, and available resources and services.  The reactive part of this overall Judicial Wellness Program is termed JCall Now, which will focus on providing a much needed safe and confidential resource for judges to connect with when they find themselves struggling and want or need help.

In establishing a Judicial Wellness Program, the JW Sub-Committee proposed a roll-out of the identified goals and initiatives in three phases to aid in focusing on the short term and long term needs of the NM Judicial Community. 

Overall, New Mexico Judicial Wellness Program was created to promote health and wellness among New Mexico Judges by creating and facilitating programs (educational or otherwise) and practices that encourage a supportive environment for the restoration and maintenance of overall mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health.

The initiative behind the Judicial Wellness Program:

To create a culture change within the NM Judiciary that decreases the stigma surrounding a Judge reaching out to ask for help for any mental or behavioral health struggle. 

To create a safe, confidential program for judges to connect with where they can receive the help and support they need without job related consequences being attached to the connection.

To achieve sustainable progress on judicial wellness, this will in turn strengthen the NM Judiciary Community.

Judicial Roundtables

Judicial Roundtable Breakout Session - New Mexico Magistrate Judges Conference

Watch the Newest JWell Now Video:

September 2021 - Flow

What is flow? Brought to you by Beth A. Gillia, Director, Institute of Public Law at the UNM School of Law and Scott Patterson, AOC's Statewide Behavioral Health Manager for JWell Now, a monthly well-being series for judges.

JWell Now Video Archive

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Judicial Well-Being Sub-Committee Members:

Chair: Hon. Senior Justice Barbara J. Vigil (ret.), Hon. Justice David Thomson, Hon. Chief Justice Edward Chavez (ret.), Hon. Karen Mitchell, Hon. Henry Alaniz, Hon. Josh Allison, Hon. Sandra Engel, Pamela Moore, Norm Gagne, Beth Gillia, Scott Patterson, Lynette Paulman-Rodriguez, and Tenessa Eakins.