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Oral History Project

The State Bar Senior Lawyers Division Oral History Project is a public service endeavor intended to capture for the permanent historical record a picture of the practice of law in New Mexico through the eyes of those who lived it. Extensive interviews of senior lawyers and judges uncover personal insights often lacking in written documentary sources. Firsthand accounts of important events and experiences, supplemented with personal and anecdotal material for illustration, record each interviewee’s unique relationship and contribution to the subject.

Lawyers and judges to be interviewed are selected on the basis of their age and contributions to New Mexico’s legal history. Interviewees are encouraged to provide photographs and documents relevant to their histories, and interviews are videotaped in archival quality.

Click the links below to view completed Oral Histories.

Interviewee Interviewer Date     Video    


Akin, Jackson G.        
Alarid, Albert Mike Bustamante   Yes  
Alderete, Rose Marie Ginny Ferrara 6/17/2008 Yes  
Ashby, Judge Philip R. Kathy Brandt 8/14/2008 Yes  
Baca, Justice Joseph F. Terry Revo 6/24/2008 Yes  
Bassett, John Freddy Romero 6/12/2024 Yes Biography
Behles, Daniel J. Terry Revo   Yes  
Bosson, Justice Richard        
Briones, Felix Richard Gerding 12/3/2009 Yes  
Brown, Florenceruth J.        
Bruin, Jim Richard Rowley 10/16/2009 Yes  
Butt, Paul L.        
Cheek, William V.        
Chavez, Justice Edward     Yes  
Civerolo, Richard Kathleen Lebeck 11/3/2007 Yes  
Counts, James Freddy Romero 2023 Yes  
Darden, William H. Sarah Bradley 8/23/2007 Yes  
Desiderio, Robert and MacPherson, William Sharon Gentry 1/25/2022 Yes  
Eastham, John P.        
Ferrara, Virginia Terry Revo 8/30/2007 Yes  
Franchini, Justice Gene E. Terry Revo 6/28/2007 Yes  
Hamilton, Raymond Peter Chestnut   Yes  
Hanson, Judge C. Leroy Tom Dawe 10/4/2010 Yes  
Housman, David G.        
Johnson, William Bluehouse Peter Chestnut 2024 Yes  
Karelitz, Leon Sarah Bradley 8/24/2007 Yes  
Kass, Anne Anita Miller 5/13/2009 Yes  
Keleher, William Bob Simon 7/23/2008 Yes  
Keleher, William Kay Bratton    Yes  
Little, Joseph Peter Chestnut   Yes  
Martin, Robert Arthur        
MacPherson ,William and Desiderio, Robert Sharon Gentry 1/25/2022 Yes  
Mitchell, Gary Kari Brandenburg 8/10/2021 Yes  
Moore, Elaine Susan Page 8/30/2021 Yes  
Moses, Donald B. "Fuzzy" Richard Rowley 3/5/2008 Yes  
Narvaez, Henry  Judge Michael Bustamante 8/19/2021 Yes  
Neal, J.W.        
Norvell, David Tom Dawe 2/19/2008 Yes  
Parker, Senior Judge James A. Tom Dawe 3/16/2009 Yes  
Paster, Janice Terrance "Terry" Revo   Yes  
Revo, Terrence "Terry" Peter Chestnut 8/19/2022 Yes  
Robb, John C. Anita Miller 10/4/2006 Yes  
Robins, Melvin L. Terry Revo 6/27/2007 Yes  
Romero, Leo Freddie Romero 10/26/2023 Yes  
Sanchez, Judge Rozier E. Tom Dawe 10/6/2010 Yes  
Sabin, Robert Judge Freddy Romero 9/15/2021  Yes  
Segal, Sylvain        
Skarda, Lynell Richard Rowley 9/27/2007 Yes  
Snead, William Kay Bratton   Yes  
Sosa, Justice Dan Sarah Bradley 4/22/2008 Yes  
Sutin, Michael G.        
Taichert, Robert Sarah Bradley 1/10/2008 Yes  
Thayer, Norman S., Jr.        
Torgerson, Allan C. Terrance Revo   Yes  
Vener, Louis J.        
Wheeler, John C.        
Wright, Kathy Susan Page 8/4/2021 Yes  


Chaves County Historical In Memoriam Recognition

The Chaves County Bar Association has been of service to its local members for over a hundred years. One of it’s long standing traditions is for the Fifth Judicial District Court to host a memoriam ceremony, honoring its members who have passed and their contributions.

Below are the historical transcripts of the ceremonies throughout the years. Please click on the links below to read of past ceremonies and those honored.