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Alternative Methods of Dispute Resolution Committee

Alternative Methods of Dispute Resolution (ADR)

MISSION: To expand use of alternative methods for the resolution of conflict and support the development and enhancement of processes founded upon:

  • integrity
  • respect and empowerment of the participants
  • acceptance of responsibility
  • consideration of the impact of the resolution on the disputants and their community, and appreciation of diversity.

The committee accomplishes this mission through educating the public and legal profession regarding the availability and benefits of various methods of alternative dispute resolution.  The committee further supports community-wide training in alternative methods of dispute resolution throughout the State of New Mexico and expanded practical access to such methods.

Mediators and arbitrators who are not attorneys are welcome to join! 

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Information and Resources

The Steering Committee is the board that guides the Committee events throughout the year. They meet on a quarterly basis. If you would like to join the Steering Committee, please contact Member Services. 

The ADR Committee at Large comprises all members of the Committee. The full committee meets a few times a year, typically for an ADR related presentation. If you have any presentation suggestions, please contact Member Services!

Podcast Episode

Hear All About It: History of ADR in New Mexico

Description: In this episode, we'll hear from one of the formative figures, David Levin, in the development of ADR (Alternative Methods of Dispute Resolution) in New Mexico. Tune in to hear about the rich history of how ADR came to be, some of its key players, and where ADR may be heading in the future. You may even learn how ADR had an indirect impact on your career or practice area! 

Presented by: David P. Levin, Esq. and Mateo Page, Administrative Office of the Court and 2020 ADR Committee Chair