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YLD Elections

YLD Director Responsibility

Pursuant to Section 4.11 of the YLD bylaws, all Directors must carry out the duties of the Board. These duties include the following:

a. Chair of Co-Chair at least two Division service projects approved by the Board, or alternatively, Chair or Co-Chair at one service project approved by the Board and participate/volunteer in at least one Division serve project approved by the Board chaired by other Directors each year;
b. Attend the Division's annual meeting and regular meetings; and,
c. Attend and participate in the Board's Annual Retreat.

YLD Activities

The YLD Board organizes various public service programs throughout the year. Click the "initiatives" tab to explore the programs. The YLD Board is also active in the ABA, and Board members have the opportunity to attend ABA regional conferences throughout the year.

Click the "Board/Officers" to contact a Board member for more information.

Applications Open for 2023 YLD Board of Directors Position

Are you interested in serving on the YLD Board? The election season is now open for director positions listed below! 
State Bar members who are under the age of 36 or in their first five years of practice are automatically members of the Division. Applicants must be YLD members as of January 1, 2022 (the start of the term) to participate in the election. 

Positions up for election:

  • Director-at-Large, Position 2 for a two-year term;
  • Director-at-Large, Position 4 for a two-year term;
  • Region 2 Director, for a two-year term;
  • Region 3 Director, for a one-year term; and
  • Region 4 Director, for a two-year term.

Region 2 consists of the 1st, 4th, 8th and 10th judicial districts.

Region 3 consists of the 5th and 9th judicial districts.

Region 4 consists of the 3rd, 6th, 12th judicial districts, and Sierra County.

The 2023 vacancy for Director-At-Large Position 5 will be filled by appointment. More information on this process will be provided in November. 

All candidates must collect at least 10 signatures from YLD members to become a candidate. Regional director petitions must be signed by at least 10 members whose principal place of practice is within the specified region.

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