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COVID 19 Resources

Dear Public Law Section Membership and Public Interest Lawyers:

The mission of the Public Law Section of the State Bar is to provide a forum for the discussion of problems of common interest to attorneys representing governmental entities and pubic officials, and to advance the professional interests and competency of our members. During these unprecedented times it is even more crucial that public interest attorneys understand the law surrounding their profession and serve as reliable sources of information to their clients and the public at large.

In the interest of better informing our members and other attorneys, the Public Law Section Board of Directors has compiled relevant information to share on its webpage. Our hope is that this page will continue to be updated as necessary so long as this public health emergency affects our daily lives and the laws that govern them. The Public Law Section seeks any additional feedback or suggestions on how our organization may be utilized to assist public lawyers and help during this global pandemic. If you have any questions, requests for help, or would like to share additional resources with the Public Law Section you may contact any officer or member of the board of directors.

Thank you for your service as a public lawyer and please stay safe,

Public Law Section Board of Directors

Joseph Dworak - Section Chair

Geraldine Garduno - Chair-Elect

Felicia Orth - Secretary

Jonas Armstrong - Budget Officer

Andrea Salazar - Past-Chair

Erin McSherry

Cristela Valdez

Mahlon Wigton

Nathan Eckberg

Kevin Sanders

Ramona Martinez

Cady Sartorius

Mackensee White & Emma Stahl

UNM Student Representatives

COVID19 Articles and Resources: