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Cannabis Law Section






About the Cannabis Law Section

The general purpose of the Section shall be the promotion of the objectives of the State Bar of New Mexico within the field of cannabis law. To that end, the purposes of this Section shall be:
a. To provide a forum for members of the profession to consider and discuss the legal issues surrounding the changing legal landscape regarding the regulation of cannabis in New Mexico.
b. To recognize the interrelationship between cannabis law and various other areas of law including employment, torts, contracts, criminal, administrative, regulatory, municipal, trusts and estates, real property and constitutional;
c. To represent the view of the lawyers of the Section to the legislature, the Bar and the Public;
d. To sponsor nonpartisan educational programs for the general public on current issues affecting cannabis laws and policies, and to foster and maintain learning and provide a public service through the education of attorneys and private citizens; e. To participate in legislative, executive and judicial processes by informing Section members about issues affecting and relating to the purposes of the Section. Upon approval of the Board of the Section, take such further action as may be necessary to present the views of the Section to the appropriate court, executive office or legislative body for consideration.



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