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Wellness Programs

The State Bar of New Mexico Provides 3 Wellness Programs:

  •  The NM Well-Being Committee members have a well-being focus and concern with respect to the NM legal community. It is this committee's goal to examine and create initiatives centered around wellness. This includes mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health and substance use struggles within the New Mexico legal community. 
  • The New Mexico Lawyers and Judges Assistance Program (NMJLAP) is a free service for all members of the New Mexico bench and bar and law students. NMJLAP offers confidential professional and peer assistance to help individuals identify and address problems with alcohol and other drugs, depression, and other mental health/emotional disorders, as well as with issues related to cognitive impairment. NMJLAP endeavors to improve the well-being of its members through support and early intervention, and to help reduce the public harm caused by impaired members of the legal profession. 
  • The State Bar of New Mexico's Employee Assistance Program is a free service offered by NMJLAP that is provided by The Solutions Group. Services include up to four FREE counseling sessions per issueper year for ANY mental health, addiction, relationship conflict, anxiety and/or depression issue. Counseling sessions are with a professionally licensed therapist. Other FREE services include management consultation, stress management education, critical incident stress debriefing, video counseling, and 24X7 call center. Providers are located throughout the state.

What A Healthy Lawyer Looks Like Campaign

It is time for a CULTURE CHANGE in the legal profession! Judges, lawyers and law students are some of the most hard-working professionals. This way of living is sustainable for a short while. However, soon you will ask yourself, “Is theremore than this? Why am I doing this? Where’s the joy? How do I make a living at this long term AND be happy….or, at least, content?” We do not claim to have the answer for you, but we can give you pointers and guidance along the way such that you can CHOOSE your path. The path that helps you find clarity, meaning, tools to create gratitude and patience and an overall sense of WHOLE human being peace and flow. Fluffy? I think not! Intriguing? For sure! Imperative? Definitely!

There’s no one right way to “lawyer”. Being a lawyer is one part of who you are, but not ALL of you. At the end of the day, you are a HUMAN BEING.

Each month, we will be releasing an article and podcast episode about one well-being topic!

What a Healthy Lawyer Looks Like Campaign


Wellness Resources

Additional Resources

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