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NM Well-Being Committee

The NM Well-Being Committee was established in 2020 by the State Bar of New Mexico's Board of Bar Commissioners.

The NM Well-Being Committee is a standing committee of key stakeholders that encompass different areas of the legal community and cover state-wide location. All members have a well-being focus and concern with respect to the NM legal community. It is this committees goal to examine and create initiatives centered around wellness.  This includes mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health and substance use struggles within the New Mexico legal community. The Wellness Committee will continue to follow the steps laid out in the National Task Force on Lawyer Well-Being.

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Confidential Helpline/Hotline Assistance

24 Hours Every Day

Judges: Call 505-420-8179 or 505-797-6091

Lawyers and Law Students: Call 505-228-1948

Free Employee Assistance Program: or 505-254-3555

What a Healthy Legal Community Looks Like

Upcoming Events from the NM Well-Being Committee:

Latest Legal Well-Being in Action Podcast Episode:

Join us as we have a conversation about the areas that young attorneys are focusing on when it comes to their well-being in the New Mexico legal community. Lindsay Cutler, Breanna Contreras, Billy Jimenez, and Shellie Patscheck speak to the challenges they have personally faced when it comes to what many new attorneys hear in their first years of practice: “Well, this is just how it’s always been done.” Our speakers are looking to address the ways in which they think attorneys and firms can work towards a healthier legal community, and how transformation can come from the next generation of attorneys going forward.

Upcoming Legal Well-Being in Action Podcast Release Dates:

August 24: Paralegal Division

September 28: Big Law





Committee Roster


Sean Fitzpatrick – YLD and Chair 
Tony Long – Co-Chair
Carla Martinez –Government                                                       
Pamela Moore – NM LAP Director                                                               
Judge Henry Alaniz (Ret.)
 – Judiciary and BBE                                       
Briggs Cheney – NM LAP/Small Firm                                         
Lindsay Cutler - YLD and Public Interest                                 
Caitlin Dillion – Government/NMJLAP                                     
Tenessa Eakins – NM LAP
William Slease – Professional Development Program                                       
Anne Taylor – NM Disciplinary Board                                       
Richard Spinello – SBNM Executive Director                                         
Justice David K. Thomson - Judiciary                                        
Annette DeBois - Senior Lawyers Division                                             
Norman Gagne - JSC                                                                      
Erinna Atkins – BBC                                                                         
Christina Babcock – Paralegal Division                       

2021 Annual Report



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