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Advising the Cannabis Client
In this article, Herrick Lidstone and Kylie Santos of Burns, Figa & Will discuss the uncertain status of cannabis law in the US and the unique ethical considerations this uncertainty creates for attorneys who represent cannabis clients.  After explaining the important ethical considerations surrounding the practice of law in the cannabis industry, this article provides practical suggestions for attorneys who wish to start or continue representing the ever-growing number of cannabis clients. 

International Cannabis Bar Association
From the INCBA:
It appears that the CARES Act relief that was intended to support small business communities across the United States has excluded any business that has received any revenue from a direct marijuana business, as defined in SBA Standard Operating Procedure 50 10 5(K).

Whether it is one hour of work, or 100% of your client book, it looks like we are subject to this quasi-legislative overreach by the SBA in excluding a large swath of the US economy from much-needed economic relief. 

The above letter that was submitted to Congressional Leadership, requesting that any active SBA guidance that purports to prohibit these professionals from relief under the CARES Act be overturned.