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Carriers & Brokers

Lawyer Professional Liability Carriers/Insurance Products

The following is a list, in alphabetical order, of professional liability insurance carriers and/or products offered by carriers/companies who have issued ten (10) or more policies in New Mexico as reported by bar members in 2020. This list is provided to bar members for informational purposes only.  Every effort has been made to accurately identify all such carriers/products but this list may not be exhaustive. Inclusion in or exclusion from this list does not constitute a recommendation by the State Bar of New Mexico concerning whether a lawyer or law firm should, or should not, purchase a professional liability insurance policy from any specific carrier.This list is not a substitute for independent research. Before purchasing a professional malpractice insurance policy, please carefully research the company/carrier/insurer and read the policy and all accompanying documentation; evaluate their contents for accuracy, currency, relevance, and completeness; consider your individual circumstances and needs; and, if necessary, obtain professional advice regarding the company/carrier/insurer and the policy and the contents thereof.

Admiral Insurance Company

Allied World Assurance Company Ltd (Darwin)

AmTrust (Associated Insurance Industries)

AON Attorneys Advantage

Arch Insurance Group

ArgoPro (Argonaut Insurance Company)

Aspen American Insurance Company  

Attorney Protective (National Liability & Fire Insurance)

Attorneys Liability Assurance Society Ltd., (“ALAS”)

Attorneys Liability Protection Society (“ALPS”)

AXA XL Insurance (including Indian Harbor Insurance Company)

AXIS Surplus and Capital Specialty

Bar Plan Mutual Insurance Company

Berkley Insurance Company

CNA Continental Casualty Company

Columbia Casualty Company

Core Specialty (StarStone Insurance)

Endurance Specialty Holdings (Sompo International)

Evanston Insurance Company

Greenwich Insurance Company

Hanover Professionals (including AIX Specialty and AILA)

Hartford Insurance

Landmark American Insurance Company

Lloyds Insurance Company S.A.

Markel Insurance Company

Medmarc Casualty Insurance Company (including ProAssurance and LawyerCare)

New York Marine and General Insurance Company (Proquest/Alliant)

Old Republic Insurance Professional Liability

Philadelphia Indemnity Insurance Company

Protexure (United States Fire Insurance Company/Crum and Forster)

QBE Specialty Insurance Company/LawyerGuard

Travelers Casualty Insurance Company of America

Zurich American Insurance Company

Professional Liability Insurance Brokers

Professional Liability (a/k/a ‘legal malpractice or errors and omissions coverage) is a unique form of insurance. It is normally a “stand alone policy”, although some carriers are writing it as part of a general commercial liability policy. General Liability or Commercial Liability policies routinely exclude claims related to professional liability. A broker should not be confused with an insurance carrier. (Each year, New Mexico lawyers list their broker on the Dues Form where it asks for information regarding the carrier.) Brokers work for or represent carriers. A broker can work for more than one carrier and he or she can broker multiple lines of insurance. These brokers are often called Independent Brokers. Some professional liability carriers use their employees to sell their policies. 

When looking for a broker for professional liability coverage, you can contact and use more than one broker. When a broker represents more than one company, the broker may ask you to complete an application for each company or to prepare one application that will be submitted to each company. Great care should be taken when completing any application. Currently, the following brokers have informed the LPL Committee that they are representing companies writing professional liability coverage for lawyers in New Mexico. There may be other brokers who provide coverage. This list and the sequence in which this list is drawn is NOT an endorsement by the LPL Committee or the New Mexico State Bar of any of these brokers. Nor is it an assurance that the companies they represent are currently writing insurance in New Mexico or will provide coverage to any lawyer-applicant:

Aon Affinity Insurance Services Inc
847-953-0433 (fax)

Associated Insurance Professionals
505-268-9631 (fax)

Attorney Insurance Market Place
800-545-4844 (fax)

Brown Seligman & Thomas

Bar Plan
314-965-7812 (fax)

Cress Insurance Consultants

Daniels-Head Insurance Services
512-328-9310 or 800-950-0551
512-328-9362 (fax)

Darwin Professional Underwriters
509-933-3277 (fax)

David J. Miller & Associates (d/b/a LAI Professional Insurance Programs)
505-471-0088 or 800-803-2229


Fox Point Programs

Health Agencies of the West
714-769-3010 (fax)

Herbert L. Jamison & Co LLC
800-526-4766 or 973-731-0806
973-731-3035 (fax)

Kinney Agency
505-266-2878 (fax)

Letherer Insurance Consultants Inc
505-890-0523 (fax)

LIA Professional Insurance
505-471-4358 (fax)

The Liability Place
760-720-0330 (fax)

Manual Lujan Insurance Agency

NAPLIA (Promarc)

Professionals Direct Insurance Company (Hanover only)

Professional Liability Brokers & Consultants
847-816-4484 (fax)

Synergy Professional Associates (Specializing in Hard to Insure Lawyers)
973-995-0534 (fax)

UPAC Insurance Financing
913-894-4988 (fax)

Western Assurance
505-266-3500 (fax)

Woods Insurance of Albuquerque
505-881-5233 (fax)

Any broker who writes professional legal malpractice insurance in New Mexico that wants to be included on this list should contact the chair of the LPLI Committee or call the State Bar of New Mexico at (505) 797-6054 or 1-800-87NMBAR.