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Bridge the Gap Overview

As a new attorney, you will be automatically enrolled into the Bridge The Gap Mentorship Program, including all BTG continuing legal education courses. After you are enrolled, you will receive an email letting you know you have been enrolled. If you have not received an email, you are not enrolled yet. If you have questions about continuing legal education courses, please contact the Center for Legal Education at or 505-797-6020.  For all other BTG questions, call 505-797-6059 or email

What is the State Bar?

  1. Self-regulated profession with member benefits
  2. Mandatory/integrated bar
  3. As a new attorney, you are automatically enrolled as an active member of the State Bar

First year licensing requirements:

  1. In first full year of admission (the year after you are admitted), you will need to complete your licensing certifications, pay your annual licensing fees, complete the BTG program which provides you with Minimum Continuing Legal Education (MCLE).

Bridge the Gap:

Mission of program: Bridging the gap between law school and the practice of law. SBNM’s goal is to connect new attorneys with resources they can use as they begin the practice of law including mentoring with a more seasoned attorney to be able to ask questions and seek answers for common new attorney questions.

  1. You will be automatically enrolled in program upon admission to the State Bar.
  2. You must complete the BTG program in your first full year of practice; this will meet your MCLE requirement in your first full year
    1. In order to complete you must:
      1. Spend 5 hours of time with a mentor; attend bar functions, attend court hearings, attend CLEs together, meet for coffee, discuss issues
      2. Sign up for and complete the required CLE courses; this includes the required BTG introduction video, and other required courses
      3. Pay $300 administrative fee
  3. Benefits of program: audit additional CLE courses at the Center for Legal Education, network with seasoned attorneys

Requirements for second year and beyond:

  1. MCLE (9G, 2EP, and 1EIJ)
  2. Paying Licensing Fee
  3. Annual Certifications
    1. Professional Liability
    2. Pro-bono
    3. IOLTA
    4. Attorney certifications
  4. Annual registration statement

Member Services: The department through which members can get involved

  1. Sections – what they are, how to join and their benefit
  2. Committees – what they are, how to join and their benefit
  3. Divisions – what they are, parameters of membership, and their benefit
  4. Voluntary Bars

Professional Programs Group

  1. Professional Development Program (PDP) - provides a variety of resources for State Bar members in law practice management
  2. New Mexico Lawyer Assistance Program (NM LAP) - Professional and peer assistance to help individuals identify and address problems with alcohol and other drugs, depression and other mental health/emotional disorders