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In Memoriam & Attorney Memorial Scholarship

Save the date for this year's virtual ceremony:

Tuesday, Nov. 16
5:30 - 7:30 p.m.
Presentation Format TBD

If you know of someone who has passed and/or the family and friends of the deceased, please click here.

This year will honor those who have passed from Nov. 2020 through the present.

Attorney Memorial Scholarship

To honor and in memory of passed New Mexico attorneys, the Senior Lawyers Division has established an Attorney Memorial Scholarship for third-year UNM School of Law students. Recipients are selected based on their academic performance, career plan and essay submission.

Contact Member Services at to notify the SLD of a member’s passing and to provide current contact information for surviving family members and colleagues for attorneys who passed between Nov. 2020 through the present.

2020 Attorney In Memoriam
(Nov. 2019 to Present)

Mr. Richard Barton Addis
Mr. Charles D. Alsup
Mr. James R. Alsup
Mr. Anthony Avallone
Mr. James P. Baiamonte
Mr. C. A. Bowerman
Mr. Burton F. Broxterman
Mr. Wycliffe V. Butler
Mr. James E. Casados
Mr. Thomas B. Catron, III
Mr. Clayton F. Childs
Mr. Alexander B. Ching
Hon. Roger L. Copple
Ms. G. W. Crane
Ms. Erin Lee Dailey
Ms. Jeanne E.V. Darricades
Mr. Robert J Dodds, III
Ms. Ann M. Dumas
Mr. Stephen R. Farris
Mr. Michael D. Fisher
Mr. Michael Fitzpatrick
Ms. Carly Marcella Foreback
Ms. Carolyn S. Fudge
Mr. David Anthony Garcia
Mr. Henry Charles Griego
Mr. John R. Hakanson
Mr. Jay D. Hertz
Mr. Timothy C. Holm
Mr. John W. Justus
Mr. P. Jeffrey Jones
MS. Christin K. Kennedy
Mr. Martin Joseph Knanishu
Hon. Craig La Bree
Mr. Richard M. Leverick
Dr. Jearl R. Lindley
Ms. Marcia B. Lincoln
Ms. Kimberleigh Joelle Lowman
Mr. Bernard Paul Metzgar
Mr. Donald W. Miller
Mr. Russell Lance Miller
Mr. Charles Edgar Moran
Mr. Gilberto Mateo Munoz
Mr. Edwin E. Piper, Jr.
Mr. Marc Prelo
Mr. Peter B. Rames
Mr. Gerald W. Roth
Ms. Sandra E. Rotruck
Ms. Miranda Teresa Sanchez
Mr. Donald C. Schutte
Mr. Francis M. Selph
Mr. Ron Shortes
Mr. Herbert M. Silverberg
Mr. Benjamin Michael Smith
Mr. David Carlson Smith
Ms. Shayla A. Spolidoro
Ms. Susan J. Strelitz
Ms. Patricia Morrin Taylor
Mr. Wilmer R. Ticer
Ms. Raquel O. Velásquez
Mr. Lawrence R. White
Mr. Jerry Neil Williams
Hon. Joseph N. Wiltgen
Mr. Jacob A. Wishard
Mr. Walter F. Wolf, Jr.
Ms. Tara M. Wood
Mr. Clyde F. Worthen

Read the winning 2019 Attorney Memorial Scholarship essays here: 2019 Essays & 2020 Essays



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