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In Memoriam & Attorney Memorial Scholarship

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This year will honor those who have passed from Nov. 2022 through the present. Please note that we recognize the names that families have provided to us or the Supreme Court directly notifying of an individuals passing. If we do not have a name included, it is not deliberate. We may have just not received the formal information and will include any missing members in next year's presentation. We want to honor and recognize all members.

Attorney Memorial Scholarship

To honor and in memory of passed New Mexico attorneys, the Senior Lawyers Division has established an Attorney Memorial Scholarship for third-year UNM School of Law students. Recipients are selected based on their academic performance, career plan and essay submission.

Contact Member Services at to notify the SLD of a member’s passing and to provide current contact information for surviving family members and colleagues for attorneys who passed between Nov. 2022 through the present.



2022 Attorney In Memoriam

(November 2021 to Present)

Benjamin (Randy) Randolph Allen III

Rachel Mary Christine Ambler

Karis N. Begaye

Honorable Lyndy D. Bennett

Honorable William Wilder Bivins

Mathieu Cantou Clarke

William Hugh Carpenter

Joel McElroy Carson II

Patrick Anthony Casey

Sealy Hutchings Cavin

Charles "Chuck" J. Crider, Sr.

Sean Michael Crowley

Scott Curtis

Phillip Bradly Davis

Dennis Michael Drucker

Caroline Duvall

Brian D. Escobedo

Randolph Felker

Harvey Bernard Fruman

Diwayne Irvin Gardner

Gene Gruber

David C. Henderson

Kenneth Eugene Herrera

H. Jesse Jacobus III

Thomas Nance Jones

David Hadley Kelsey

Robert "Bob" Kinney

Richard "Dick" Kisluk

Durkin Julian Manning

John Franklyn Mares

Honorable Michael E. Martinez

Father Thomas J. Mescall

Anita Miller

Tom Outler

Nancy Sharp NtiAsare

John Theodore Palter

Honorable James A. Parker

Thomas L. Popejoy

Max Houston Proctor

Robert Edgar Rambo

James Lyman Rasmussen

Gary D. Reagan

Patrick "Pat" Joseph Rogers

Ron Sanchez

Alfonso G. Sanchez

Ralph Scheuer

Paul Anton Schweizer

Albert G. Simms III

Lynn Schwendiman Sharp

John George Travers

Donnie Gale Williams

Roger A. Wagman

Kathleen Marie Winslow

Terry Yenson

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