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Annual Awards Previous Recipients

Judge Sarah M. Singleton Distinguished Service Award

Recognizes attorneys who have provided valuable service and contributions to the legal profession and the State Bar of New Mexico over a significant period of time.

2022: Michael P. Fricke
2021: Joey D. Moya
2020: Deborah S. Dungan
2019: John P. Burton
2018: Ruth O. Pregenzer
2017: Scott M. Curtis
2016: Hannah B. Best
2015: Jeffrey H. Albright
2014: Carol Skiba
2013: Ian Bezpalko
2012: John D. Robb, Jr.
2011: Mary T. Torres
2010: Dennis E. Jontz
2009: Randy J. Knudsen
2008: none
2007: Charles. J. Vigil
2006: Andrew G. Schultz; Norman S. Thayer
2005: Briggs F. Cheney
2004: Russell D. Mann
2003: Michael T. Murphy; Joyce Stowers
2002: James R. Crouch; UNM Dean Robert J. Desiderio; Jan B. Gilman-Tepper
2001: Raymond Hamilton; Henry F. Narvaez; Presiliano A. Torrez
2000: none
1999: Arturo L. Jaramillo; Farrell Lines; Martin B. Paskind; Edward R. Ricco
1998: Willliam Stratvert; Sarah M. Singleton
1997: Richard Civerolo
1996: Stanley C. Sager
1995: James L. Bruin
1994: Robert St. John
1993: Samuel W. Jones; Richard F. Rowley II
1992: none
1991: Judge William R. Federici; Arturo G. Ortega
1990: Stuart D. Shanor
1989: Henry Weihofen
1988: Russell D. Mann; James E. Sperline
1987:  James R. Crouch; Stanley C. Sager; Myer “Mike” Rosenberg
1986: Richard C. Civerolo; Paul A. Kastler
1985: George T. Harris; William A. Sloan; Robert S. Skinner
1984: Judge Leon Karelitz; Marshall G. Martin; John F. McCarthy; Donald Moses
1983: James R. Crouch; Don. L. Dickason; Russell D. Mann; Paul W. Robinson
1982: none
1981: James T. Jennings; Don G. McCormick; Owen E. Marron

Distinguished Bar Service Award-Non Lawyer

Recognizes nonlawyers who have provided valuable service and contributions to the legal profession over a significant period of time.

2022: Juan Abeyta
2021: Bernice Ramos
2020: Renee Valdez
2019: Tiffany Corn
2018: Jim Jackson
2017: Cathy Ansheles
2016: Tina L. Kelbe
2015: Kim Posich
2014: Rear Admiral Jon Michael Barr (ret.)
2013: Judge Buddy J. Hall
2012: Sandra Bauman
2011: David Smoak
2010: Robin Gomez
2009: Sally Saunders
2008: Carolyn L. Cochran
2007: John B. Arango; Karen Duprey; Bonita Ortiz; Amanda Wang
2006: none
2005: Kay L. Homan
2004: Michelle Giger
2003: Edwina Logan Hambor
2002: Carol Herrera; Louise Kodituwakku
2001: Garry Spencer; Harold Daum
2000: Arturo G. Bastidos; Dorothy S. Peters
1999: John Arango
1998: Sue Ann Waits
1997:  Terry Boulanger; Richard Montoya
1996: Katherine R. Davenport; Peggy B. Jones
1995: none
1994: Noel Fletcher; Donna Winchester
1993: Jennifer Bean
1992: Virginia Sears
1991: Carrie Cloutier; Mary Gordon Cross Giblin
1990:  Linda L. McDonald
1989: Phyllis Hill; Joseph Jolly
1988: Rose Marie Alderety; Dr. David Townsend
1987: Katherine R. Davenport
1986: none
1985: Judy A. Zanotti
1984: Olive Brinkman
1983: Louise R. Camp; Estella Gillen; Lola McFerrin; Kathryn G. Nauyok
1982: Katherine R. Davenport; Mary Martinez; Jean Willis

Justice Pamela B. Minzner* Professionalism Award

Recognizes attorneys or judges who, over long and distinguished legal careers, have by their ethical and personal conduct exemplified for their fellow attorneys the epitome of professionalism.
*Known for her fervent and unyielding commitment to professionalism, Justice Minzner (1943–2007) served on the New Mexico Supreme Court from 1994–2007.

2022: Judge James J. Wechsler, Quentin P. Ray
2021: Frederick M. Hart (posthumously) and F. Michael Hart
2020: William D. Slease
2019: Hon. Stan Whitaker
2018: Charles J. Vigil
2017: Hon. Elizabeth E. Whitefield
2016: Arturo L. Jaramillo
2015: S. Thomas Overstreet
2014: Catherine T. Goldberg
2013: Cas F. Tabor
2012: Henry A. Kelly
2011: Judge Angela J. Jewell
2010: Raymond Hamilton
2009: John P. Salazar
2008: Thomas D. Haines, Jr.; Michael Schwarz
2007: Justice Pamela B. Minzner
2006: Graham Browne; Alice Tomlinson-Lorenz
2005: John G. Baugh; Lawrence M. Pickett; Lowell Stout
2004: Toby Grossman; Joseph P. Paone
2003: William S. Dixon; Richard L. Gerding
2002: Paul A. Kastler; Judge Neil P. Mertz; Betty Read
2001: Felix Briones, Jr.
2000: James C. Ritchie; Rozier E. Sanchez; Stuart D. Shanor
1999:  Joseph J. Mullins; Robert E. Sabin; Matias A. Zamora
1998: Judge Oliver Seth; Stephen Bowen
1997: Stanley C. Sager
1996: T.K. Campbell; Judge William R. Federici
1995: Russell D. Mann
1994:  Judge Howard C. Bratton; Ruth C. Streeter
1993: Judge Seth D. Montgomery; Donald Moses
1992: Arturo G. Ortega; Judge Mary C. Walters
1991: Robert C. Poole; Charles M. Tansey
1990: Myer “Mike” Rosenberg
1989: Gino J. Matteucci; Judge Leon Karelitz
1988: Robert M. Botts

Seth D. Montgomery* Distinguished Judicial Service Award

Recognizes judges who have distinguished themselves through long and exemplary service on the bench and who have significantly advanced the administration of justice or improved the relations between the bench and bar; generally given to judges who have or soon will be retiring.
Justice Montgomery (1937–1998), a brilliant and widely respected attorney and jurist, served on the New Mexico Supreme Court from 1989–1994.

2022: Judge Henry A. Alaniz
2021: Judge Mary W. Rosner
2020: Hon. Alvin Jones (posthumously) 
2019: Hon. Nan G. Nash
2018: Justice Charles W. Daniels
2017: Hon. Michael D. Bustamante
2016: Justice Richard B. Bosson
2015: Judge Cynthia A. Fry
2014: Judge Rozier E. Sanchez
2013: Judge Bruce D. Black
2012: Justice Patricio M. Serna
2011: Judge Jerald A. Valentine
2010: Judge James A. Hall
2009: Judge Mark B. McFeeley
2008: Judge A. Joseph Alarid; Judge Lynn Pickard
2007: Judge David W. Bonem
2006: Judge Peggy J. Nelson
2005: none
2004: Judge Frank H. Allen, Jr.
2003: Justice Gene E. Franchini
2002: Justice Joseph F. Baca
2001: Judge Rudy S. Apodaca
2000: Judge Thomas A. Donnelly
1999: Judge Robert M. Doughty II
1998: Judge Benny E. Flores; Judge Steve Herrera
1997: Justice Richard E. Ransom
1996: Judge Stanley F. Frost; Judge Oliver Seth

Outstanding Legal Organization or Program Award

Recognizes outstanding or extraordinary law-related organizations or programs that serve the legal profession and the public.
Merged with Outstanding Local/Voluntary Bar and Outstanding Program Awards in 2009 (see below).

2022: Pueblo of Pojoaque Path to Wellness Court, Intellectual Property Law Section Pro Bono Fair
2021: New Mexico Center on Law and Poverty 
2020: New Mexico Immigrant Law Center
2019: Second Judicial District Court Judicial Supervision and Diversion Program
2018: Family Support Services Program
2017: Young Lawyers Division Wills for Heroes Program
2016: Self Help Center at the Third Judicial District Court
2015: Pegasus Legal Services for Children
2014: Corinne Wolfe Children’s Law Center
2013: Divorce Options Workshop
2012: United South Broadway Corporation Fair Lending Center
2011: NM Hispanic Bar
2010: UNM School of Law Clinical Law Programs
2009: NM High School Mock Trial Program
2008: San Juan County Bar
2007: Chaves County Bar
2006: NM Black Lawyers
2005: Sandoval County Bar
2004: San Juan County Bar
2003: Colfax-Union County Bar
2002: Colfax-Union County Bar; Curry-Roosevelt County Bar
2001: none
2000: none
1999: Chaves County Bar; Lea County Bar
1998: Eddy County Bar
1997:  San Juan County Bar
1996: First Judicial District Bar; Chaves County Bar
1995: none
1994: none
1993: Seventh Judicial District Bar
1992: Chaves County Bar; Seventh Judicial District Bar
1991: Seventh Judicial District Bar
1990: Chaves County Bar; First Judicial District Bar; Otero County Bar
1989: Eddy County Bar; Valencia County Bar
1988: Otero County Bar
1987: Chaves County Bar; Fourth Judicial District Bar
1986: Albuquerque Bar
1985: Colfax-Union County Bar

Outstanding Program Award

Merged with Outstanding Local/Voluntary Bar Award in 2009 and renamed Outstanding Legal Organization or Program Award.

2021: None
2008: None
2007: Albuquerque Bar Association Law Day Program
2006: Consumer Issues Workshops
2005: NM Hispanic Bar Scholarship Program
2004: Lawyers Assistance Program
2003: Consumer Debt Workshops
2002: Consumer Attorney Assistance Program (CAAP); Cross-Cultural Exchange Project
2001: Lawyers Care Referral Program; Southwest Bench & Bar Conference; Summer   Law Clerk Program
2000: KOB-TV Lawline 4; NM Trial Lawyers; YLD FEMA Program;
1999: Attorney-Client Fee Arbitration Program; Bridge the Gap Program; First Judicial District Pro Se Challenge Project
1998: Lawyer Referral for the Elderly Program
1997: ANLIR-SBNM Lawyers Malpractice Insurance Committee
1996: “Ask-a-Lawyer” Law Day Call-in Program; Today’s Law School

Outstanding Young Lawyer of the Year Award

Awarded to attorneys who have, during the formative stages of their legal careers by their ethical and personal conduct, exemplified for their fellow attorneys the epitome of professionalism; nominee has demonstrated commitment to clients’ causes and to public service, enhancing the image of the legal profession in the eyes of the public; nominee must have practiced no more than five years or must be no more than 36 years of age.

2022: Lauren E. Riley
2021: Maslyn K. Locke
2020: Veronica C. Gonzales-Zamora
2019: Rebekah Reyes
2018: Shammara Haley Henderson
2017: Spencer L. Edelman
2016: Denise M. Chanez
2015: Tania S. Silva
2014: Marshall J. Ray
2013: Greg L. Gambill
2012: Robert L. Lucero, Jr.
2011: Keya Koul
2010: Christina A. Vigil
2009: Clara Moran
2008: Marcus J. Rael, Jr.; Vincent J. Ward
2007: Diandra D. Benally; Carlos Fierro
2006: Hector H. Balderas
2005: Morris J. “Mo” Chavez
2004: Brian S. Colon
2003: Roxanna M. Chacon
2002: H. Nicole Schamban
2001: Trent A. Howell
2000: Devon Fooks
1999: Jeffrey H. Albright; Christopher Hassan
1998: Stacey A. Klein
1997: Jerry P. Cantwell

Robert H. LaFollette Pro Bono Award

Presented to an attorney who has made an exemplary contribution of time and effort, without compensation, to provide legal assistance over his or her career to people who could not afford the assistance of an attorney.
Robert LaFollette (1900–1977), director of Legal Aid to the Poor, was a champion of the underprivileged who, through countless volunteer hours and personal generosity and sacrifice, was the consummate humanitarian and philanthropist.

2022: Darlene T. Gomez
2021: Torri A. Jacobus
2020: Julia H. Barnes
2019: Robert J. Andreotti
2018: Susan E. Page
2017: Stephen C. M. Long
2016: Billy K. Burgett
2015: Robert M. Bristol
2014: Erin A. Olson
2013: None
2012: Jared G. Kallunki
2011: Alan Wainwright
2010: Ronald E. Holmes
2009: Ben A. Longwill
2008: Matthew T. Byers
2007: Laurie A. Hedrich
2006: none
2005: Steve H. Mazer
2004: Sage and Burks, P.C.
2003: Albert W. Schimmel, III
2002: Nicholas T. Leger
2001: none
2000: Cristen Conley; Barbara V. Johnson; James T. Locatelli
1999: none
1998: William M. Casey
1997: John M. Roybal
1996:  Farrell L. Lines
1995: Steven S. Michel
1994: John D. Robb
1993: John Higgins
1992:  Antonio V. Silva
1991: Stanley Sager
1990: John F. McCarthy Jr.
1989: Colfax County Bar
1988:  Harold O. Gore
1987: M. Rosenberg
1986: David L. Mathews

Excellence in Well-Being Award

Many individuals have made significant contributions to the improvement of legal professional well-being to include destigmatizing mental health, strengthening resiliency and creating a synergic approach to work and life. This new award was created to recognize an individual or organization that has made an outstanding positive contribution to the New Mexico legal community’s well-being. As the State Bar of New Mexico is committed to improving the health and wellness of New Mexico’s legal community, we strongly encourage self-nominations and peer nominations for any lawyer, judge, or non-lawyer working in some capacity with the NM legal community.

2022: Pamela Moore