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An Update - 1999 to 2009

The Committee on Diversity is the successor in interest to the Standing Committee on Minorities in the Profession and to the original Task Force on Minorities, which was created by the Board of Bar Commissioners in 1987. One of the primary and consistent responsibilities of these working groups has been to study and prepare a comprehensive report on the status of minority lawyers in New Mexico, to identify any barriers that may impede the full integration of minorities into the practice of the profession and to recommend what the State Bar of New Mexico could be doing to assist minority lawyers in their practice. This report is the third detailed study published by these committees since 1990.

1999 to 2009 Report

In response to issues addressed in late December, 1987, the Board of Bar Commissioners created the State Bar Task Force on Minority Involvement in the Profession. The Task Force was subsequently endorsed and co-sponsored by the New Mexico Supreme Court.

The Task Force was given a broad mandate to:
  • Investigate and report on the general status of minority attorneys in New Mexico
  • To study and report on their apparent lack of involvement in the activities and leadership of the State Bar
  • To identify any barriers that may exist to the complete integration of minority lawyers in the legal system

Task Force on Minorities in New Mexico - An Update 1990-1999

  • Demographic Data on Minority Attorneys in NM
  • University of NM School of Law - A Model of Diversification in Student Enrollment and Faculty Hiring
  • The NM Bar Examination - History and Progress - An Update
  • Career Preferences and Employment Opportunities of Minority Attorneys
  • Disciplinary Sanctions and Minority Attorneys
  • Involvement of Minority Attorneys in the Activities and Leadership of the State Bar of New Mexico
  • The Impact of the Judicial Reform Act - An Update
  • The Perspectives of NM Attorneys on Racial and Ethnic Fairness in the Legal System
  • Recommendations of the Task Force II