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The NREEL Section is looking for authors to write articles for the summer 2018 edition of the Vista Newsletter. Articles should address a natural resources, water, environmental, or energy law issue relevant to our Section members. Articles should be no more than 1,500 words long, and include footnotes citing legal and other relevant authority.

Attorney Authors
E-mail proposal topic to NREEL Editor Deana Bennett. Attorney authors will work closely with Deana or another NREEL board member to edit articles.

Law Student Authors
This is a great opportunity to have your writing published while earning money. The NREEL Section pays law student authors $17.50/hour up to $350.00 total. E-mail proposal topic and, if available, a previous writing sample to NREEL Editor Deana Bennett. Law student authors will work closely with Deana or another NREEL board member to edit articles. Law student writers should also have an attorney familiar with the article's topic review your work prior to publication.

Spring 2018 Writing Schedule:
April 16 - Proposals due
April 20 - Selections notification
May 4 - Final topic proposal and outline due
May 28 - First draft due; 1,500 words plus footnotes
June 4 - Comments back on first draft
June 18 - Second draft due
June 25 - Comments back on second draft
July 9 - Article finalized for publication

NREEL Editor Deana Bennett can be reached at  or 505-848-1834.

The views expressed in these articles are those of the authors alone and not the views of the NREEL Section. Thank you for your continued support of the NREEL Section of the State Bar.

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Winter 2017 
Regulatory Takings and the Parcel as a Whole Problem: Local Oil and Gas Regulation in New Mexico
 - Lindsay Welton
Finding Fault in Disaster: Litigation in the Aftermath of the Gold King Mine Spill - Cruz Lopez
Unacceptable Risk: Uranium Mining Within the Westwater Canyon Aquifer - Nadine Padilla
A Song of Water and Land;The Clean Water Rule and Its Potential Impacts on New Mexico - Logan Glasenapp
NREEL 2016 Lawyer of the Year: Greg Ridgley - Sally Paez
Rio Chama Board Retreat - Adrian Oglesby and Sally Paez

Summer 2016
The Aamodt Water Rights Adjudication, is the End in Sight? - Selene Sauer

Winter 2016
What Road Are We On? R. S. 2477 Rights-of-Way and How to Identify if Your Client is Using One - Elizabeth Reitzel
The Clean Power Plan: Compliance and Opportunity - Laura E. Sanchez-Rivét

Winter 2015  
Tribal Water Settlements: Security of a Steal? - Anne Minard
Legal Protections for Cultural Resources in New Mexico - Jan Biella
Fire in the Hole: What's Exploding in New Mexico Mining Law - Laura Burns with Adrian Oglesby

Summer 2015
Federal Court Invalidates Mora County Fracking Ban - Lila C. Jones
Protecting the Atmosphere For Future Generations: The Public Trust Doctrine in New Mexico Law - Samantha Ruscavage-Barz, Esq.
A Brave New ESA: Incorporating Climate Change Considerations in Endangered Species Act - Kelsey Rader

Winter 2014
Oil and Water: Lessons for New Mexico from the Colorado Floods - Nicholas R. Goldstein
The Duty to Hydraulic Fracture Under the Implied Covenant for Reasonable Development - Matthew Landess
Moongate Water Co. v. City of Las Cruces: A Novel Application of Stranded Assets Theory - Sabrina Rodriguez Salvato

Summer 2013
2013 Legislative Update - Tomas J. Garcia
Understanding New Mexico's Copper Rules - Jeffrey J. Wechsler and Lara Katz
Regulating Hydraulic Fracturing: New Mexico and National Trends - Laura Melton-Thornton

Winter 2013
Gridlock Preempted? How Climate Change Could End State Control Over Electric Transmission Siting - Ed Merta
Permitting Renewable Energy on Federal Lands: The SunZia Southwest Transmission Project - Rachel Giron
Recent Destructive Wildfires in Northern New Mexico Spark Proposed Listing of the Jemez Mountains Salamander Under the Endangered Species Act - Collin Gannon
The Public Trust Doctrine and Climate Change in New Mexico - Samantha Ruscavage-Barz
Rafting and CLE: A Wild and Wonderful Combination - Jennifer Pruett

Summer 2012
Compulsory Pooling Horizontal Well Project Areas: An Analysis of the New OCC Rules and Why the Legislature Needs to Act - Nick Trost
When Size Matters: Properties Listed on the State Register - Frank T. Davis, Jr.
Chevron Questa Mine: Superfund National Priority Listing Rouses Remediation and Revival in Northern New Mexico - Kelly J. Davis

Winter 2012
Muddying the Waters: The Fight Over Relinquishment Credit - Luke Pierpont
Rising Tide: Will the Challenges to Stream Access Laws that are Spreading Across the West Spill Over into the New Mexico Waters? - Jason Kerkmans
Has the Sun Set on the Solar Industry in the United States? - Sean FitzPatrick
The Indian Water Rights Settlements E-Repository - A Tool for the Future - Dominique M. Work
The Wallow Fire Field Trip

Summer 2011
Would You Rather Have Warm Homes or Clean Water?The Implications of Hydraulic Fracturing in New Mexico - Monica Moya
Renewing Uranium Mining in New Mexico: Morris v. Nuclear Regulatory Commission - Ana Romero Jurisson
Protecting New Mexico Waters Through ONRW Designation - Samantha Ruscavage-Barz
Lea County Aqufers: From Prospecting for Fresh Aquifer Water When Compounding Production Fluids to the Prospect of Recycling Existing Production Fluids - D.W. Vitt
New Legislation Aims High, Falls Short of Resident Hunter's Expectations - Aaron Martin

Winter 2011
New Mexico Adopts a Regional Cap and Trade Program - Joshua Granata
Aquí No Hay Ni Agua: Lack of Access to Environmental Justice in New Mexico Colonias - Bridgette Mullins
Small Hydropower in New Mexico - John Verheul

Summer 2010
Re-re-engineering Our Rivers: New Mexico's Biggest Efforts to Save its Smallest Fish - Keri Hatley
More Water or Our Last Wild River? The 2004 Arizona Water Settlements Act and New Mexico's Big Decision - J. Ryland Hutchins
Colorado Supreme Court Decision Illuminates the Disjunction Between New Mexico's Produced Water Exemption and the Beneficial Use Doctrine As Applied to Coal Bed Methane - Aaron Weede Martin
Update from the New Mexico Environment Department - Felicia Orth
Spur Ranch CLE Trip a Great Success - Jennifer Pruett

Summer 2009
NREEL's 2009 Legislative Update: Legislators Consider Regulatory Roll-Backs - Kristin Casper
Renewable Energy Development and Wildlife: Mitigating the Impacts of Wind Energy on the Lesser Prairie-Chicken in New Mexico - Sally Paez
Taos Regional Water Plan: Taoseños Tell the State Engineer what 'Public Welfare' Means to Them - Keri Hatley
Dairies in New Mexico: The Environmental Implications of a New Industry - Professor Denise D. Fort

Winter 2009
Domestic Wells: Growing by Leaps and Bounds? - Keri Hatley
Local Responses to Environmental Issues: The Taos Community and Questa Mine - Nick Gilbert
Science and Diplomacy: The Bellagio Draft Treaty and the Transboundary Aquifer Assessment Act - Patrick Schaefer

Summer 2008
Instream Flow Protection in New Mexico - a 2008 Update - Patrick Redmond
Unadjudicated Reserved Water Rights: Tensions Between Montana and the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes - Christina Kracher
New Mexico's Climate Future: Addressing Legal Issues in Carbon Sequestration - Adam Rankin

Spring 2007
Environmental Justice Efforts at the State Level - Samantha M. Ruscavage-Barz
A Rocky Road to Progress? Gravel Mining in a Growing New Mexico and the Velarde Gravel Cases - William Consuegra
United States Supreme Court Invalidates EPA's Inaction On Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Massachussetts v. EPA - Charles de Saillan
Natural Resource Damage Liability of the U.S. Department of Energy - Karen L. Reed
Fourth Annual Water Policy CLE Focus on the Utton Center Model Interstate Water Compact - Marilyn O'Leary

Winter 2006
EPA's Authority and Willingness to Regulate Auto Emissions Affecting Climate Change: Some Insights from Massachussetts v. EPA - Samantha M. Ruscavage-Barz
The Effect of Global Warming on Native Peoples and How They Are Responding - Abby Wear
Law School Update - Amanda Wang
Section CLE News - Marilyn O'Leary

Spring 2006
The Promise of Recycled Water and the Return Flow Woes - Joshua Mann
Well, "At the Well" Is Not the Answer - J.E. (Gene) Gallegos
The Clean Air Mercury Rule, Coal-burning Power Plants and New Mexico's Water: What's the Connection? - Jennifer Hower
Three Card Monte or Bad Law - Alex Beattie
Countervailing Equities: The New Mexico Legislature's Search for Harmony at The Nexus of Water and Mineral Law - Mark S. Barron

December 2005
Negotiating "Pipeline" Dreams - Alex Beattie
Breaking Ground in New Mexico: The Role of the Accommodation Doctrine in Determining a Mineral Owner's Obilgation to Compensate Landowners for Damage to the Surface - Mark S. Barron
Blowing in the Wind: How Many Generations Must Pass Before Indians Receive Proper Royalties on Their Oil and Gas? - Josh Mann

June 2005
The Sleeping Giant on the San Juan - Joshua Mann
The Pending New Mexico Supreme Court Decision in Herrington v. State ex rel. Office of State Engineer: Will it Affect the Future of New Mexico Water Management Policy? - Gabriel Wade
An Overview of Government Incentives Aimed at Increasing Geothermal Electric Development in the United States - Carlos Ruiz de la Torre

Fall 2002
Congress Amends the Superfund Law and Enacts Brownfields Legislation: The Small Business Liability Relief and Brownfields Revitalization Act - William Brancard
Legislature Enacts House Bills 417, 421 to Address Water Issues in the Pecos River Basin - Daniel Rubin
The Ethics 2000 Process: Revisions to the ABA Model Rules Approved by the ABA House of Delegates - Irma S. Russell

Spring 2001
New Mexico's Enabling Act - Steve Hughes

Winter 2000
The Electric Utility Industry Restructuring Act of 1999: Early Steps
Toward Implementation - Patrick T. Ortiz
Consumptive Use: Statutorily Undefined But an OSE Standard - Jeffrey H. Albright

Summer 2000
Retroactively Applied Reclamation Law is Constitutional, But Does Not Apply To Company's Uranium Mines, According to New Mexico Court - Stuart R. Butzier
Joint Development of Potash and Oil and Gas Reserves; The Tenth Circuit Defers to the IBLA Rather Than to BLM - Stuart R. Butzier
Fifth Circuit Rejects International Environmental Claims Brough Against Mining Company Operating In Indonesia - Stuart R. Butzier



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