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Tips to Maximize Your Virtual Learning Experience

Due to the exciting popularity of the 2021 Annual Meeting and Member Appreciation Event, we are expecting a much higher volume of attendees than we typically have for our webinars. Additionally, many of you may be new customers and unfamiliar with our online learning program. Therefore, we respectfully ask that you take the following steps to avoid any technical issues on the day-of.

  1. CHECK YOUR PASSWORD AHEAD OF TIME: This program will require you to log into your State Bar account. Check to make sure you can log in a few days before your event so there are no last minute surprises. The sign-in is in the upper right corner of the State Bar website at The State Bar changed their website earlier this year so if you have not yet logged in, please visit this tutorial video on the changes: www. If you still need assistance logging in, call 505-797-6020.
    1. Join via Email Invitation: An email with a hyperlink to the webinar is sent out the day of or day before an event. This will connect you to the program. Don’t forget to check your junk folder, as emails may come from our technology platform, BlueSky, and not from a State Bar email address. Select the “join” button in the email to access the program.
    2. Join via State Bar Account: You can also join our programs by going to the State Bar website, go to “CLE & Events” on the upper right side of the page, under the State Bar logo. Select “Annual Meeting” from the drop down and look for the “Join the Annual Meeting” button. This will take you to your programs page and you can join from there. (This join button will not be active until the day of the event.) Don’t forget to sign-in to your account!
  3. CHECK YOUR BROWSER: Our programs are best viewed using Google Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge. An older product, Microsoft Explorer, is generally NOT SUPPORTED and will inhibit your viewing experience. To change your browser, Google for the product you need and download for free.
  4. CHECK COMPATIBILITY: Still uncertain you can access the webcast from your computer? Go to this test link – (you should see a video of a band playing music). If you can see and hear it clearly, then your system can view our webcast programs!

IF YOU NEED ADDITIONAL HELP: Following the tips above can reduce the majority of common issues people have in their on-line learning experience. If you need additional help, please contact the CLE Staff at: or 505-797-6020. Please note that due to a high volume of calls during the event, email requests may provide you with faster assistance.