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Resource Deskbook and Member Listing 2020-21

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In 2020, we decided to split the annual Directory into two pieces which was mailed to active members  as a packet:

For many years, the State Bar of New Mexico has provided a printed directory listing to members. But the Bench & Bar Directory has always been so much more than that. It includes information on State Bar services and programs, court contact information, civil legal services providers, and so much more.

1) Resource Deskbook
Includes important information about the State Bar of New Mexico, Courts, and the legal community. We hope this full color publication will have a permanent place on your desk and you use it for reference often.
2) Member Listing
The online member lookup is always available here. For those that prefer to physically look up a member’s information, we have continued to provide this. The inactive and geographic listing are available digitally at

Why make a change?

By splitting up the content, we were able to print half of it in house at a savings, using resources we already have!

Digital References

Online Member Lookup
As you can guess, the printed membership listing begins to be out of date shortly after it is printed. For the most accurate membership listings, use our online member lookup.
Digital Resource Deskbook
For your convenience, we have also posted the Resource Deskbook online so you can access it wherever you practice law. View it using the links on the left.