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Attorney Support Groups in New Mexico

Confidential Helpline/Hotline Assistance

NM Lawyer Assistance Confidential Helpline
Call or text available!
If you are struggling or notice a colleague struggling, the NM LAP offers assistance through an immediate helpline. All calls are CONFIDENTIAL, and you can remain anonymous if you so choose. This service is designed for attorneys, paralegals, law students, law clerks, and all other legal staff.

NM Judicial Helpline
If you are a judge struggling or notice a fellow judge struggling, the NM Judicial Wellness Program offers assistance through an immediate helpline. All calls are CONFIDENTIAL, and you can remain anonymous if you so choose.

What if I or Someone I Know Is in Crisis?
If you are thinking about harming yourself, or know someone who is, tell someone who can help immediately.

  • Do not leave the person alone, and do not isolate yourself
  • Call your doctor.
  • Call 911 or go to a hospital ER to get immediate assistance or ask a friend or family member to help you do these things.
  • Call the 24-hour NM Crisis Line to speak with a supportive clinical professional at 1-855-662-7474; TTY: 1-855-227-5485.
  • Call the 24-hour National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255; TTY: 1-800-799-4889. to talk with a trained counselor.

Please note: We do not offer legal advice or assist those looking for legal representation. This is a mental health and referral service for the NM Legal Community.

Upcoming Events

Attorney Support Groups: Albuquerque

Please note: Due to the COVID-19  pandemic, NM LAP will be altering the way the legal community can engage with the support groups.

Monday Night Support Group

This group will be meeting every Monday night via Zoom. The intention of this support group is the sharing of anything you are feeling, trying to manage or struggling with. It is intended as a way to connect with colleagues, to know you are not in this alone and feel a sense of belonging. We laugh, we cry, we can BE together. Zoom link:

Managing Stress Tool for Members

NM LAP contracts with The Solutions Group, The State Bar’s EAP service, to bring you the following: A variety of resources surrounding some of the complex issues we are facing today such as managing conversations when you disagree politically, dealing with challenging people during COVID, civil unrest, Zoom exhaustion and speaking up about physical distancing. All of these can be found under the ‘Additional Resources’ tab when selecting the EAP option on the Solutions Group Website.Webinars are FREE, and have a wide range of topics such as mindfulness during Covid-19, bias in the work-place, managing stress, and many more. The Solutions Group also offers Work-Life Services as a paid service. The Work-Life Services is a paid service for confidential access to professional consultants and online resources. All resources topics, webinars, and the Work-Life Service can be found at The Solutions Group can help with any life situation.

505-254-3555, or 866-254- 3555 to receive FOUR FREE counseling sessions per issue per year. 
Every call is completely confidential and free!

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