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Nature of the job:

The demands of the legal profession are real according to the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation study. The profession includes balancing deadlines, court dates, hearings, and client expectations all the while also trying to manage personal needs. Lawyers are more vulnerable to personal and professional struggles than the average population, because few occupations have as much pressure and burn out. Competition, long hours, high expectations, the billable hour, and win-lose scenarios can wear down even the most engaged lawyer.

How NM LAP Serves You:

NM LAP helps lawyers find solutions for healing and recovery from substance abuse, mental health disorders and provides resources for developing a healthier lifestyle. NM LAP maintains a database of professionals and fellow NM LAP Committee members that are familiar with the challenges faced by lawyers and committed to supporting lawyers lead a life of well-being.

Through NM LAP, lawyers may access confidential and professional services at no cost for:

  • Stress and Burnout
  • Anxiety, Depression, or other Mood Disorders
  • Anger Management
  • Substance Abuse
  • Process addictions such as food, sex, gambling, video games
  • Grief and loss
  • Work Transitions or Retirement
  • Balancing the demands of practice and family

Ensuring Confidentiality:

The N.M. Rules of Professional Conduct (Rule 16-803) and the N.M. Code of Judicial Conduct (Rule 21-300) provide strict confidentiality for individuals seeking assistance from the NM LAP. All communications and actions taken by NM LAP with its clients are held in the strictest confidence and are not reported to any individual or entity outside of NM LAP, including any professional disciplinary agency, without the client’s permission. Likewise, the identities of individuals who contact NM LAP with concerns about a legal professional are confidential and not disclosed to anyone.

Peer Advisor Model:

One lawyer helping another creates a powerful relationship that can have a tremendous impact on the healing process. A lawyer who has “been there” can ease the initial fears and provide unique support and direction. Call the NM LAP Helpline at 1-505-228-1948 for more information and referrals to peer advisors.

Lawyers and Suicide:

Studies show lawyers are six times more likely to commit suicide than the average population. If you are worried that someone you care about is contemplating suicide, please contact the 24/7 National Suicide Prevention hotline: 1-800-273-TALK (8225) immediately. Suicide can often be prevented with immediate intervention.


Unfortunately, the New Mexico legal community lost several members in 2020 to death by suicide. In an attempt to bring awareness, education and compassion to those who are facing a myriad of emotions, the State Bar of New Mexico's Lawyer Assistance Program (previously known as the NM Judges and Lawyers Assistance Program) discussed this very important topic in October, 2020, via podcast and NM Bar Bulletin article. Please listen in as Pamela Moore, Director of the NM Judges and Lawyers Assistance Program, and Dr. Avron Kriechman, a child, adolescent and family psychiatrist at UNM, discuss the topic of suicide. Dr. Kriechman and Pam talk about safety and resiliency, self-awareness and coping strategies, the healing process when feeling grief and loss, and offer a plethora of resources and services.

Presented by: Pamela Moore, Judges and Lawyers Assistance Program Director (now NM LAP) and Dr. Avron M. Kriechman, MD, University of New Mexico Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

Read "8 Ways to Cope After A Suicide Loss" article


  • Monday Night Support Group. This group meets every Monday night via Zoom. The intention of this support group is the sharing of anything you are feeling, trying to manage or struggling with. It is intended as a way to connect with colleagues, to know you are not in this alone and feel a sense of belonging. We laugh, we cry, we can BE together.



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