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March 2022 - Work and Home


October 2021- Five Tips to Controlling Your Hybrid Courtroom

This month your Judicial Wellness Committee had a meaningful conversation regarding how to stay calm, clear and focused amidst managing a hybrid courtroom. Your judges also talked about their best practices to help their courtroom run as smoothly as possible given the new hybrid normal. They offer their personal examples below and you’ll want to watch the short video where Scott Patterson, Judge Sandra Engel, and Chief Judge Emilio Chavez discuss the Five Tips to Controlling (yourself) and Your Hybrid Courtroom.

September 2021 - Flow

What is flow? Brought to you by Beth A. Gillia, Director, Institute of Public Law at the UNM School of Law and Scott Patterson, AOC's Statewide Behavioral Health Manager for JWell Now, a monthly well-being series for judges.

August 2021 - What Brings You Joy?

Justice Barbara Vigil asks Justice Petra Jimenez, Chief Judges George Eichwald, Manuel Arrieta, Emilio Chavez, and District Judges Debra Ramirez and Jerod Hofacket what brings them joy.

July 2021 - Mindfulness with Ms. Deborah Dungan

Ms. Deborah Dungan, longtime meditator, certified mindfulness teacher and  former colleague talks about mindfulness and its benefits and shares much more. Thank you so much, Deborah Dungan!

July 2021- Calm, Confident and Competent with Mr. Scott Patterson

AOC Statewide Behavioral Health Program Manager Scott Patterson tells judges how to be Calm, Confident and Competent.

June 2021 – Hello!

JWell Now discussing the negative effects of isolation and tips that judges can use to mitigate the effects of isolation for their mental well-being.

April 2021 – Justice Chavez and his Judgehomies

Everyone needs a laugh.  Former Justice Chavez learns all judges in New Mexico are "Judgehomies" in this video brought to you by Pam Moore with JWell Now and members of the Judiciary. Music by

November 2020- JWell Now

Former Chief Justice Edward Chavez and Pam Moore with the New Mexico Bar's Judges and Lawyers Assistance Program introduce a new program for Judges.