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Accredited Providers

State Bar of New Mexico Accredited Providers are providers who, through an ongoing relationship with Minimum Continuing Legal Education, have fulfilled the following criteria in accordance with New Mexico Supreme Court Rules.

Accredited Provider Standards (See 18-203(A)(1)(B) NMRA)

a) Accredited provider status may be awarded for course providers meeting the following criteria:

              i) For (3) years prior to application, the Course provider must have applied for and obtained course approval from MCLE for a minimum of (10) courses. The course provider must also have reported attendance and paid filing fees for attorneys attending those courses

              ii) (3) year requirement may be waived by the board

b) Provider’s primary function is to provide quality continuing legal education to attorneys

c) Provider has a designated staff whose duties include ensuring quality of courses, understanding MCLE rules and requirements, reporting attendance, submitting required fees and notifying MCLE of future programs

d) Provider must pay annual accredited provider fee as established by the board

e) Provider may submit electronic copy of course information in advance so the information may be added to the MCLE searchable online course offering database

List of Accredited Providers



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