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2024 State Bar President Erinna M. "Erin" Atkins

Erinna M. "Erin" Atkins is an attorney in Alamogordo, where she practices law with her father, S. Bert Atkins. Focusing primarily in a mix of criminal, family and children’s law, Atkins can often be found in trial or headed into a trial. She proudly serves as the Guardian ad Litem in CYFD abuse and neglect cases. She is active in her local community and serves on the Twelfth Judicial District Pro Bono Committee, a governing board for a state-wide nonprofit service organization for children, as well as the substitute Adult Drug Court Judge. Atkins was awarded the 2016 Twelfth Judicial District Young Lawyer of the Year Award and in 2023 was the recipient of the Twelfth Judicial District Don Quixote Award as the attorney that most relentlessly pursues hopeless causes in the pursuit of justice. Atkins also received the 2018 Outstanding Service Award from the Young Lawyer’s Division of the State Bar of New Mexico for her many years of service to that Board. She represents the 12th Judicial District which includes Lincoln and Otero counties for the BBC.  She is a 2009 graduate of the University of New Mexico School of Law.  As President of the State Bar of New Mexico, she is the first woman from Alamogordo to hold the office. When not busy working or serving the State Bar, Atkins enjoys spending time with her family, her friends, and her dog.

Contact: 575-437-3042