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Judges and Lawyers Assistance Program Committee

About the Program and Committee

About the Judges and Lawyers Assistance Program Committee

The State Bar of New mexico Judges and Lawyers Assistance Program is a free confidential service for all members of the New Mexico legal community.  This includes judges, attorneys, law students and legal professional staff. NMJLAP offers confidential professional and peer assistance to help individuals identify and address struggles with alcohol and other drugs, depression, anxiety and other mental health/emotional disorders. NMJLAP assists in reducing public harm caused by impaired members of the legal profession and helps improve the health and welfare of its members by educating on well-being and facilitating early intervention and treatment.

The NMJLAP Committee was originally developed to assist lawyers who experienced addiction and substance abuse problems that interfered with their personal lives or their ability to serve professionally in the legal field. Over the years the NMJLAP Committee has expanded their scope to include issues of depression, anxiety, and other mental and emotional disorders for members of the legal community. This committee continues to be of service to the New Mexico Judges and Lawyers Assistance Program and is a network of over 30 New Mexico judges, attorneys, and law students.

The NMJLAP Committee has regular quarterly meetings to discuss the improvement on current efforts and initiatives and the expansion of well-being education, resources and services. Our committee members are a diverse state-wide group of practicing and retired legal professionals. The meetings are held primarily in Albuquerque, but as of March, 2020, have expanded to virtual meetings.

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Help and Support are only a phone call away.

Confidential Helpline Assistance-- 24 Hours Every Day
Judges: Call 888-502-1289
Lawyers & Law Students: Call 505-228-1948 or 800-860-4914
Free Employee Assistance Program: or 866-254-3555

About the Judges and Lawyers Assistance Committee


Pamela Moore
Tenessa Eakins


The Honorable William F. Lang
Briggs F. Cheney, Esq.

Committee Members:

Elizabeth Lynch Phillips
Kevin Brown
Lester C. Cannain
Briggs F. Cheney
Randall W. Childress
Richard Cravens
Timothy J. Cusack
Hon. Mary Dougherty
Dominic E. Dutton
P. Scott Eaton
Sean James Fitting
Ben Stearman Furth
Terence M. Gurley
David Houliston
David Joseph Jaramillo    
Henry A. Kelly
Arthur B. Lofton
David L. Mathews
Dennis P. Murphy
Hilary A. Noskin
Thomas T. Rutherford
David C. Serna
Daniel W. Shapiro
William E. Snead
Daniel P. Ulibarri
William J. Waggoner
Kathleen M. Wilson
Mary Katherine Brito Zinn



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