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Breakout Track - Back to Law School With UNM School of Law

Back to Law School with UNM School of Law

Join professors from the UNM School of Law and take a deep dive into fascinating core subject areas of law, including Contracts, Torts, Criminal Law, Civil Procedure, and Constitutional Law. Through our comprehensive examination of these fundamental legal topics, you will gain a thorough understanding of key concepts and principles and discover how they relate to real-world legal challenges. Our engaging and informative sessions provide valuable insights that will help you navigate the complexities of the legal profession with greater confidence and skill.

Remedial Contracts (and Contract Remedies) (1.0 G)
Prof. Joseph A. Schremmer

This presentation provides a refresher on some fundamental concepts in contract law, using a few of the old chestnuts you'll remember from contracts class and more recent cases. The hour will be supplemented with drafting tips and pitfalls as time permits. Attendees will be graded on a curve.


Hermit’s Peak/Calf Canyon Wildfire Damages Claims Update and Negligence Refresher (1.0 EP)
Prof. Carol M. Suzuki

Carol Suzuki will discuss options to claim relief after the Hermit’s Peak/Calf Canyon fires. In 2022, U.S. Forest Service prescribed burns got out of control and combined to become a wildfire whose devastation has led to claims of personal injury, loss of property, business loss, and financial loss. She will remind attendees of the elements of negligence as she provides an update on the Hermit’s Peak/Calf Canyon Fire Assistance Act and regulations and compares it to the Federal Torts Claims Act.


First Amendment Fetishism (1.0 G)
Prof. John Min Kang

Since 1971, the US Supreme Court has been criticized for protecting speech that is considered vulgar, hurtful, and dangerous, against the wishes of the community. Examples of such offensive speech include a teacher repeatedly using the F-word in front of school children, a white supremacist burning a cross on the lawn of a black family, and the public burning of the American flag. This session argues that the community's desire to create a culture of civility and mutual respect should be given more deference by the courts when regulating offensive speech. Drawing on originalism, the session proposes a jurisprudence that prioritizes the community's right to regulate such speech.

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State v. Tsosie: The Confrontation Clause and Testimonial Hearsay (1.0 G)
Prof. George Bach

This presentation will review the basics of Confrontation Clause authority and discuss the New Mexico Supreme Court’s recent opinion in State v. Tsosie.


Reforming Rape Law After #MeToo:  Does the ALI’s New Sexual Assault Statute Get It Right? (1.0 G)
Prof. Laura E. Gómez

The Model Penal Code’s approach to sexual assault was outdated from the moment it was codified in 1962, preceding the wave of feminist-led rape reforms that swept statehouses in the two following decades. Post-#MeToo, greater consciousness about over-criminalization (especially impacting men of color), and awareness of the limits of the criminal punishment system to help victims and reform deeply rooted norms, we are at another inflection point. This workshop asks whether the new sexual assault provisions - finalized in September 2022 - get it right. The revised approach introduces a definition of consent, attempts to untangle consent from the force element, and more carefully aligns with the MPC’s influential culpability (mens rea) provisions. Will states emulate the MPC? Should they?

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