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Breakout Track - Equity in Justice & Well-Being

Equity in Justice/Well-Being Track

Fairness, respect and equal access to justice within the legal community in essential for a just society. By embracing these principles, legal professionals can improve its ability to serve a diverse population and foster greater trust and confidence in the legal system. This, in turn, can lead to better outcomes for all individuals who encounter the justice system.

Well-being is essential for legal professionals because of the high levels of stress and pressure associated with the legal profession. Lawyers and other legal professionals often work long hours, face intense deadlines, and deal with emotionally charged cases. This can lead to burnout, depression and other mental health issues. By prioritizing their own well-being, legal professionals can better manage stress, improve their job satisfaction, and provide better support to their clients. Additionally, prioritizing well-being can help reduce turnover and improve the overall functioning of law firms and legal organizations.

Post Roe v Wade: Dobbs (1.0 G)

Michelle S. Garcia, New Mexico Legal Aid, Inc.; Laura E. Horton, Leigh & Dougherty PC, and Ellie J. Rushforth, ACLU New Mexico
A discussion on reproductive health and justice, current legal protections and rights, myths, and anti-abortion activism, Dobbs and broader implications in the LGBTQ+ space.

LGBTQ+ Litigants (1.0 G)

New Mexico LGBTQ Bar

This session will discuss how to advocate for transgender litigants, various strategies to protect LGBTQ+ litigants, and the New Mexico Human Rights Act.

Unlock Your Untapped Potential with Coaching – Experiential Exercises (1.0 EP)

Pamela Moore, LPCC, Professional Programs Group, State Bar of New Mexico, and Judith Gordon
Capitalize on obtaining a competitive advantage by experiencing a taste of coaching! Join us for this interactive breakout session where you will be guided through short coaching exercises that will have immediate application to your personal and professional life.  Through these short exercises, you will begin to understand through “doing” why coaching is such a powerful tool.