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2023 Annual Meeting Breakout Track - Writing & Professional Development

Writing & Professional Development Track

Writing skills are crucial for legal professionals because legal documents require clear and precise language that accurately conveys complex legal concepts and arguments. Join the “CLE Entertainer”, Stuart I. Teicher, as he examines how effective writing is essential for communicating with clients, colleagues, and other parties in a professional manner. Strong writing skills are indispensable for success in the legal profession, enabling legal professionals to represent their clients effectively and advance their careers.

Professional Development sessions offer resources and guidance to navigate key issues in law practice management, professionalism, and ethics.

Semicolons Are Stupid, and Other Legal Writing Myths (1.0 G)

Stuart I. Teicher, Esq.
You’re a good legal writer. But to be great, you need to focus on the details.  That’s why the CLE Performer, Stuart Teicher, Esq. thinks that things like semi-colons are super critical.  Join him as he explains how small elements like punctuation and grammar take a lawyer’s writing skills to new levels. You’ll learn some tips that you could put into your legal writing repertoire right away!
No materials provided.

Killer Correspondence! (1.0 G)

Stuart I. Teicher, Esq.
One of the sharpest tools in the lawyer’s arsenal is a surprisingly common item. The letter. Whether it’s a demand letter, a note sent during negotiations, or a client communication, your success could be dependent on a piece of correspondence. Join the CLE Performer, Stuart Teicher as he explains how to write a variety of effective letter types.
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Let Me Ask You A Question for a "Friend:" "Hot" Topics and Best Practices in Ethics (1.0 EP)

Wiliiam D. Slease, Professional Development Program, State Bar of New Mexico; Jerry Miller, IT Director, State Bar of New Mexico; Gerald G. Dixon, Dixon Scholl Carrillo, P.A.
While some ethical issues and challenges faced by lawyers change very little from year to year, as the pace of practice has quickened, and the ways in which lawyers practice, including through an increasing reliance on technology, has evolved, the ethical issues arising from these changes can challenge even the most experienced lawyer. This session will discuss the latest ethical issues arising both nationally and locally, and how lawyers can identify and navigate unexpected ethical challenges.

No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service: Ethical Issues and Best Practices in the Virtual Practice of Law (1.0 EP)

Hon. Joshua Allison, Division XXIII New Mexico 2nd Judicial District Court; Hon. Sandra Engel (ret.), Judicial Wellness Program, State Bar of New Mexico; and William D. Slease, State Bar of New Mexico Professional Practice Program

The pandemic had many impacts on the way lawyers practice law.  Among other things, it forced a dramatic shift in the means by which many lawyers practice law, including a move to more “virtual” practices and greater attention to a flexible work environment and the attendant well-being benefits.  Undoubtedly, lawyers will continue to rely on a virtual practice for some or a majority of their work.  This session will discuss the ethical issues and best practices attorneys should follow when practicing virtually, including a discussion of technology issues, physical workspace issues, the proper etiquette for video hearings and trials, staff supervision, client confidences, and the risk of the unauthorized practice of law.

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Mock Meeting of the Disciplinary Board (1.0 EP)

Members of the New Mexico Disciplinary Board
Ever wonder what happens at the Disciplinary Board? Get a bird's-eye view as members of the New Mexico Disciplinary Board role play a typical meeting.
No materials provided.