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2022 Annual Awards

2022 Annual Awards


2022 Annual Awards – Call for Nominations

Nominations are being accepted for the 2022 State Bar of New Mexico Annual Awards to recognize those who have distinguished themselves or who have made exemplary contributions to the State Bar or legal profession in the past year. The awards will be presented at the 2022 Annual Meeting on Thursday, Aug. 11 at the Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort & Spa. All awards are limited to one recipient per year, whether living or deceased, with the exception of the Justice Pamela B. Minzner Professionalism Award, which can have two recipients, an attorney and a judge. Nominees may be nominated for more than one award category. 

Nominations due by Monday, June 6th

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Additional information or letters may be uploaded with the form and submitted with the nomination.

Award Descriptions

Download the Award Descriptions PDF

Judge Sarah M. Singleton* Distinguished Service Award

Recognizes attorneys who have provided valuable service and contributions to the legal profession, the State Bar of New Mexico and the public over a significant period of time.

*This award was renamed in 2019 in memory of Judge Singleton (1949-2019) for her tireless commitment to access to justice and the provision of civil legal services to low-income New Mexicans. She also had a distinguished legal career over four decades as an attorney and judge.

Distinguished Bar Service Award–Nonlawyer

Recognizes nonlawyers who have provided valuable service and contributions to the legal profession over a significant period of time.

Justice Pamela B. Minzner* Professionalism Award

Recognizes attorneys and/or judges who, over long and distinguished legal careers, have by their ethical and personal conduct exemplified for their fellow attorneys the epitome of professionalism.

*Known for her fervent and unyielding commitment to professionalism, Justice Minzner (1943–2007) served on the New Mexico Supreme Court from 1994–2007.

Outstanding Young Lawyer of the Year Award

Awarded to attorneys who have, during the formative stages of their legal careers by their ethical and personal conduct, exemplified for their fellow attorneys the epitome of professionalism; nominee has demonstrated commitment to clients’ causes and to public service, enhancing the image of the legal profession in the eyes of the public; nominee must have practiced no more than five years or must be no more than 36 years of age.

Robert H. LaFollette* Pro Bono Award

Presented to an attorney who has made an exemplary contribution of time and effort, without compensation, to provide legal assistance over his or her career to people who could not afford the assistance of an attorney.

*Robert LaFollette (1900–1977), Director of Legal Aid to the Poor, was a champion of the underprivileged who, through countless volunteer hours and personal generosity and sacrifice, was the consummate humanitarian and philanthropist.

Justice Seth D. Montgomery* Distinguished Judicial Service Award

Recognizes judges who have distinguished themselves through long and exemplary service on the bench and who have significantly advanced the administration of justice or improved the relations between the bench and the bar; generally given to judges who have or soon will be retiring.

Excellence in Well-Being Award (NEW!)

Many individuals have made significant contributions to the improvement of legal professional well-being to include destigmatizing mental health, strengthening resiliency and creating a synergic approach to work and life. This award will recognize an individual or organization that has made an outstanding positive contribution to the New Mexico legal community’s well-being. As the SBNM is committed to improving the health and wellness of New Mexico’s legal community, we strongly encourage self-nominations and peer nominations for any lawyer, judge, or non-lawyer working in some capacity with the NM legal community.

For more information or questions, please contact Morgan Pettit at or 505-797-6039