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Editorial Policy

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Submission Guidelines

  1. Articles submitted to the State Bar of New Mexico for publication in the Bar Bulletin should directly relate to the practice of law or the legal community in New Mexico.

  2. Manuscripts should be submitted to the State Bar of New Mexico editor by e-mail in Microsoft Word to or mailed to State Bar of New Mexico, ATTN: Editor, PO Box 92860, Albuquerque, NM 87199-2860.

  3. Articles should not exceed 1,500 words (includes endnotes) and should contain more than one source of information and explore more than one perspective. Submissions should use endnotes rather than footnotes. Endnotes should be used sparingly and, when used, should be as complete and accurate as possible.

  4. Submissions should avoid non-standard typefaces and formatting commands. Any graphs, maps, photographs, or other graphics should be sent in separate files.
  5. Submissions should be accompanied by a short biography of the author, contact information and a photograph, if available.

  6. All submissions must be approved by the Board of Editors prior to publication and may be edited for style and clarity. The State Bar of New Mexico reserves the right not to publish a submission. Decisions regarding editing and publication are within the discretion of the Board.
  7. Authors will be requested to sign a State Bar of New Mexico Author's Agreement prior to publication.