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State Bar General Referral Program

State Bar General Referral Program

The State Bar’s General Referral Program receives over 10,000 calls annually from members of the public seeking legal assistance.

Through this program, the caller pays the State Bar a $35.00 administrative fee to place the referral, and panel attorneys agree to provide referral clients with a free 30-minute consultation (while you may not charge a fee for the initial 30-minute consultation, you can count the consultation as part of your pro bono time). Additionally, if you and the client agree that you will provide additional services beyond the 30-minute consultation, the client will be responsible for payment of your regular fees for those additional services.

The State Bar sends each referral to three randomly selected referral panel attorneys who practice in the appropriate legal and geographic areas. We place the referral with the first attorney to respond to the email.  

Once you have accepted a referral, we contact the caller and give them your name and phone number.  The caller will then contact you directly to set up a time for the 30-minute consultation.  We ask that you only accept referrals in cases where you will be able to consult with the client within 1 week of the referral date.




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