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BTG Mentorship CLE Schedule

The Bridge the Gap curriculum has recently been revised. There is no longer a single half-day course, but rather, BTG members will need to take 4 required and 3 of your choice courses from the list below.

Formats: Courses are all available in self-study (video viewable 24/7). Podcasts are optional – you may take them or you can take additional courses from the other categories, as long as you take 7 total.

HOW TO REGISTER: Select the courses you wish to take and email a list to and we will register you – our website it not set-up to take self-registration from BTG members.



Bridge the Gap Program: Overview of Your First Year of Practice and Enhancing Your First Year of Practice


Communication Breakdown: It's Always the Same (But It's Avoidable) (2022)

Essential Law Firm Technology: The Best of What's Out There (2022)

Law Practice Management for New Lawyers (2022)

FINANCE – Select at Least One

Basic Financial Literacy for Lawyers (2022)

Basics of Trust Accounting: How to Comply with Disciplinary Board Rule 17-204 (2022)

LIABILITY – Select at Least One

30 Things Every Solo Attorney Needs to Know to Avoid Malpractice (2022)

Understanding the Attorney Disciplinary System in New Mexico (2022)

Mandatory Succession Planning: It Has To Happen, But It Doesn’t Have To Be That Difficult (2022)

PODCASTS – Optional

1.1 Personal Inventory: COVID – A Forced Life Transition for Some (June 2020)

1.2 Tools of the Trade with Young Lawyers Division: What I Wish I Knew with Ernestina Cruz (July 2020)

1.3 Tools of the Trade with Young Lawyers Division: What I Wish I Knew with Tomas Garcia (July 2020)

1.6 Tools of the Trade with the Young Lawyers Division: What I Wish I Knew with Aja Brooks (August 2020)

1.9 Grieving, Coping, and Healing Regarding Suicides in Our Legal Community (September 2020)

2.2 Personal Inventory: Get Out and Move! (January 2021)

2.6 Let’s Talk About Avoiding Professional Heartburn (June 2021)

2.8 Meet and Greet Judge Montano and Judge Wernersbach with the NMCDLA (July 2021)

2.13 Meet and Greet with Judge Begaye and Judge Roberson (December 2021)



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